Midu Turned His “small But Martial ‘habits To Own Non-age

The girls knew lifting their skin, taking care and preserving them most meticulously like Midu.Midu named one of Vbiz's face goddesses. She recently decided her own about how to take care of skin daily, skin care and point of wrinkles. According to the girls, she knew lifting the skin, taking care and maintaining the most meticulous way.Midu completely to face carpentry when working

. Beautiful stretching of life from the skin of the crystal. Evening: She said: "A day is usually Midu skin in the morning and evening, Du used a type of serum and water with essence from commission in the morning to level moisture, water supply and simultaneously help balance skin. Because daytime travel often goes out to work, shooting or taught schools
.. This is easy to dry, so this serum used for morning is reasonable and helps skin stretches all day. , Cannot ignore the makeup remover because this is the most important step to remove dirt after a day of operation and work. Then are in depth-intensive skin care steps like the puffiness and tails so that the skin is best recovered. "She has a makeup is also very limited and taking care of a very good makeup. Do not different a few skin filtering and combinations for the most carpentry face as possible: The secret to Midu's beautiful child is: "For the most important step duel is the skin purification step, usually the page , Finished face wash, our skin is not clean, there are still dirt that clings to the skin or pores. Do not know if everyone's skin is like du or not but if you do not purify your skin, your skin will be lumpy, darkened and pimples so du has a type of serum to perform a filter step when removing the makeup and washing Face is clean every evening to help the skin really no longer dirt. It was also the secret to helping to be confident to face the carpentry while working or walking with friends, because I felt healthy and beautiful skin without having to use the chalk or base. Thus also helps to avoid the types of cosmetics and makeup at that time, the skin will be open and not feeling a mysterious feeling and also helps to avoid the fear of being clogged with a serious impact on the skin
According to Du thought it is also a way for you to purify your skin to purify your skin, so that your skin will be more healthy when too much makeup ". The best skin Midu talks about love the wrinkles of modern women: "Du finds the beauty today who loves their natural wrinkles is quite good and civilized, because everyone will be old Follow five months. And wrinkles as a mark and memories of time for each person, no one can younger and no one can not appear wrinkles on the face and I have to accept it, just us How to nurture and take care of your best skin at your age, for any age, we also have a separate beauty and be confident in it. "Healthy and beautiful

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