‘mieu Female’ Halle Berry Was Sued By Female Boxers Because Of Her Role

Mieu Female Halle Berry was Cat Zingano - former UFC fighter (Ultimate Fighting Championship), initiates the claim to compensate for Halle Berry promised Cat Zignano role in Bruised movies but did not perform, Make Her Lao Dao.0: 00/1: 30 NAMCAT Zingano, 39 years old, information in the legal record to send the court that Halle Berry met her in July 2019 to talk about the movie "Bruised". This is the debut film Halle Berry as a director, who wants to invite Cat Zingano to a shoulder to ask the female boxer to keep the schedule to go to school at the right time. Halle Berry is sued for that Cat Zinganosau, Cat Zingano Requesting to participate in UFC's great fight but Halle Berry recommends that she should not participate due to liability factors from the film's insurance company. Cat Zingano chose Halle Berry's movie rather than UFC's battle and removed from UFC in August 2019

. She is still a boxer but the battle for Bellator MMA.Cat Zingano is removed from UFC, the Halle Berry declares her type from the movie because of the boxers of UFC. After that, the Halle Berry stopped exchanging even if she contacted
Cat Zingano was shocked, dismayed after the incident. Halle Berry has not responded to the lawsuit. Last week, Halle Berry shared with media about the movie "Bruised". Initially, she was going to invite Blake Lively to join but the actress refused. Halle Berry has played a director Jackie Justice in the film and colleagues Stephen McKinley Henderson, Adan Canto, Shamier Anderson. The movie will be released on Netflix on 24-11.Halle Berry training for the role of a director and actor for the movie "Bruised" Minh Khue (According to Daily Mail)

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