Millionaire Itself: Don’t Regret Money To Ride Technology Or Call Food

Many people probably unexpectedly know the reason's Reason.0 game / 3: 19Ramit Sethi domain is a personal financial advisor and American entrepreneur, and the founder of, owner of Iwillteachyoutoberich. com, and co-founder PBWorks - Trade site. In addition, Ramit Sethi is also the author of the book appreciated: "I will teach you to get rich"

.Ramit Sethi is a personal financial advisor and American entrepreneur.Ramit Sethi has started learning about these The issue involves money from 15 years ago and discovered that his listeners often "don't reach the ears" advice. "Everyone thinks that the theory of hollow money! The reason is in Their thoughts always don't believe that I will really earn more
But in fact, there are many aspects of what to make money that our people still haven't discovered. " Sethi shared with the Business Insider. "People often have two mistakes that they can't make more money," he said: "The first thing is' I don't have time 'and the second thing is' me There is no idea ". Actually, that is normal, everyone has such thoughts. They always think their money bag is fixed and difficult to change. However, if everyone Can be out of those thoughts and notice opportunities to increase your income. They will see great. "Know how to acquire others's time when becoming an elite. A process continuously in life. Over time, we gradually change the way to eat, choose costumes, lifestyle and how to assign with people around
However, when it comes to the time and money aspect, especially those with high income, we tend to be afraid to change. The following story is a typical example: I have a friend to earn Get more than 750,000 USD / year. He loved his job but when he was asked to be okay, he always complained that: "I'm very busy". One day, I visited him and asked about the bags on the kitchen table. He said that he went to the supermarket. After that, I asked: "Have you ever thought of hiring others to buy grocery?" And he looked at me as if I was crazy: "Pay for others to buy your household? Which elite are doing?" My friend earned $ 750,000 / year but he behaved. As if a person earned only $ 50,000! "Acquisition" time is one of the most powerful concepts of productivity that I learned when becoming a business owner. By spending money for vehicles Technology, call food available or hire maids, you are really saving and making money because it means you get more valuable things: the precious time you often use to do things? make you comfortable. In fact, not many high-income people realize the effectiveness of "acquiring" time. This is a paradox not everyone realized. Many people claim them to value more time than money but if they look at their actions, you will see the opposite.Ramit Sethi also acknowledges many young people today spending money not wisely. 36-year-old millionaires advised young people to prioritize income improvement, instead of just cutting spending. "Should you cut spending? Yes. If you have spent exceeding income and becoming" Debt ". Meanwhile, you need to list the details of basic spending and expenditures that can be cut. It can be said that the amount you want to cut is limited. But number Money you earn may have no limit ".theo lily / family

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