Mind: Girlfriend To Reveal A Scary Way, I Can’t Break Up Because She Pregnant

Many people expect to have lovers, and I now just want to be back to poison in: 00/1: 54 namem and girlfriends know each other through friends. Two children with their age, she was dedicated to say, pretty, it was very kind to make me happy and talked that there was a sympathy. After several times to go out, get a friend "boat" with me She is also officially dating. At first when she was learning, she was very lovely, everything was almost perfect, there was no place to criticize. But after dating for more than three months, a girlfriend gradually started revealing the personality that made me stunned

. (Artwork) She is the one who likes control and extreme jealousy, which is jealously absurd. Girlfriend ban me to exchange friends, control all the relationships, then my phone again. Whenever, when she wants to ask for a phone check, even stealth open the phone when I'm not there
Come on the comments, joking your joke with college friends , She is jealous up, thinking I'm "hearing hearing" others. The first time I thought the couple loved each other, I had to be jealous, arguing, so I was able to stop, coax, but the more it came to then she did. By the time it was not possible, I was loud, she started to use tears, crying. (Artwork) I felt very tired, unable to stand it, she started to hurt himself hurt I and she did it. Last week, while the two were arguing, she took the knife and slashed her wrist. I wanted to go to the clouds, so I was a deep wound. After that, I dare not mentioning farewell. But now just looking at my girlfriend, I will make me floating into the chicken, with her, I'm afraid more than love. Hey, she has just announced that she has a vote so I can't break up. She offered to get married, I was silent
I really want to get rid of this daughter but don't know how to do it when she threatens me with your own life, moreover now she is pregnant your child. Everyone who has an artifact for this case, but like this must be stressed to die.

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