Minh Hang Shows Off Her Slender Waist To Fly Rumors Of Mysteries

There are no gourds here, Minh Hang shows off her anesthesia and anesthesia. Specifically, she widened the wide lagoon with a red - white concept done in a studio. Baggy design "swallowed" the girl's shape. Capital possesses a hot body and is suitable for sexy costumes to exploit the shape so the Minh Hang appears with a grove dress that makes the people not from any questions. Even below the post a few people left to comment suspects the pregnant singer

. Not only that, Minh Hang's face also became swollen, distorted abnormally. However, between noise of mysteries, Minh Hang posted a photo that deleted rumors. Return to the everyday sexy style, the voice of a black outfit left earth with the corset shirt that hugged Blazer and short shorts
The outfit proved the opposite that there was no pregnant belly here, instead of a flat waist. Minh Hang's Thai was also free. The face of her face was also completely Vline no signal of swelling or deviation. Before that, singer Minh Hang admitted to have a boyfriend. Both dated 4-5 years of secret dating so rumors of female singers were interested in special audiences. According to Lim / VietNamNet

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