Minh Tiep Said That Waking Up Early Squeezing His Mother In Her Husband: Normal Things!

The actor said he was unexpected when the old story was broken, surrounding it was negative comments. HERE, netizens flutter with a mother-in-law stories in many individuals and forums. The bride is mentioned that Ms. Pham Thuy Duong, the wife of the actor Minh Tiep, so the opinion discusses the more exciting. I made strawberry, my mother said: "My house has nothing, I try to take 5 am to squeeze my mother and then prepare to cook breakfast for your mother to eat

. My wife asked again: "Mom? Mom?" My mother said: "5 hours". My parents are old people, keep the house very serious, eat breakfast like meals during the day. And my wife 9x, that she didn't argue, but the ceremony to say: "Yes, I'll try
" I believe my wife accepted that my wife would do, and that's right. Everyday positively woke up for 5 hours, down the foot of the foot for her mother, then cooked. It was time for a big wife, I would like to give my wife not to get up from 5 am too. My mother was also happy. However, my wife also adapted very quickly, still gets up early and implemented ". Duy Luan divided into 2 factions. One side looks quite gentle: "Hieu is always worthwhile, although it is a mother-in-law or mother", "I will let your child choose. If I see that good, meaningful, just do, "I also have to wake up from 5 hours to cook breakfast for your husband's house so I don't see any problems" ..
the other faction criticizes violently, with many Heavy comment: "Mother is not sure to be strangled, but to squeeze your mother's legs", "Live this time and the insertion things, Old Hu, Ha Khac with such a daughter-in-law", "If my daughter falls in such a case, I will tell you right away. Any era is like that, "" Teaching is kind to each other does not teach, taught daughter-in-law to submit, serve. It's hard to understand "... even though there is an idea that this job goes against the gender equality. Minh Tiep and his wife surprise when the story shared in 2018 was dug, became The theme discusses in many places. He said, "This morning, I wife and I laughed all. My wife said: "Eh, this case he became a point". He said the story was shared by him in 2018 carefree. At that time, actor Minh Tiep was nearly 80 years old, so they were often adjacent to care. She has a habit of getting early, usually squeezing her legs. This is also the time for your mother to share, confide more with your children. A account critices harshly for the souls to get up to her mother-in-law "I think the need to care for parents, or father Mother wishes to close the children as normal. Everything happened in my family was very gentle, nothing stressed. My wife is also familiar when she is a student. Perhaps people do not live with their mother, do not understand the family circumstances should find it strange, hard to sympathize. Assuming that my family, feudal, feudal, really slightly too ", he confided. Mingfilled Minh Tiep and the family suddenly fell into the swirl of negative public opinion but he said he didn't blame anyone, because Maybe they just approached the story based on a cropped answer. Actor hopes people can understand more carefully, receive the care of their children with a more fun, positive mind. "Many share, comment I read it from women. I understand that they can come from sympathy, so it will react like that. I do not belong to the conservative tip. Therefore, I'm always ready to hear, suggestions. But we also hope that people will have multiple perspectives, softer. In fact, there are small things, but it is torn apart, "he confided. Mingtop Minh Tiep said he showed him and his wife moved separately. Both often visited Mothers. Ms. Thuy Duong is the daughter but the mother of most of the family. Both are straightened, strongly agreed to eat and drink so it can be comfortable to share with each other. According to actors, it helps him to be peaceful and happy. Current actor Minh Tiep's husband and wife live separately, often arranged with a real mother visiting, every family has sticky backgrounds, different habits. If not live, do not experience, it's hard for us to understand, feel, share. The story of the actor's family Minh Tiep is a good example. Taking care of older mother, or eagerly cooking for families is not strange. But through the negative prism, everything was already alone, many things passed, many things happened with the implications from the social network, where users were easily tipted by negative information. Virtual networks, but damage and influence are real if the information spreads pole. Anhtheo www.phunuonline.com.vn

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