Ministries, Branches And Localities ‘divided Fire’ Against Translation With Ho Chi Minh City

As of 12:00 on July 21, Ho Chi Minh City has 38,837 Patients with Covid-19, including 292 entries, the rest are cases in the community; The number of cases of successful treatment, discharge is 4,837 cases. There are 492 severe patients, are breathing machines, including 9 ECMO cases (artificial heart and lung devices); 332 deaths. Along with the efforts of the city, ministries, central and localities across the country have entered, divided fire with the first level of anti-epidemic levels.0: 00/5: 48 South of Ho Chi Minh City oncology Minh Base 2 was temporarily converted into a Covid-19 resuscitation hospital with a scale of 1,000 beds. The central hospital relays in a short time, Ho Chi Minh City has completed the reception and treatment system Covid-19 multiplied up to 50,000 beds under the Department of Health

. Along with that, the city has also deployed Covid-19 resuscitation hospital with a scale of 1,000 beds, taking advantage of the facilities of the Base Cancer Hospital 2 completed. This hospital operates according to decentralization such as a special central hospital in the area. Doctor, Dr
Nguyen Tri Thuc, Director of Cho Ray Hospital, cum Covid-19 Resuscitation Hospital, said, Support of the Ministry of Health, Ho Chi Minh City and many individuals, units, organizations and dedicated medical equipment of hospitals have been fully equipped. Separate breathing machines, the Ministry of Health has moved into the southern warehouse of more than 2,000 units. "Currently, the hospital has a scale of 460 bed treatment; Received 249 heavy patients. In the coming time, it will increase the scale of 700 beds, ready to respond to Covid-19 translation situations in the city, "said Nguyen Tri Knowledge. Covid-19 Resuscitation Hospital is equipped with synchronization, Modern, specializing in receiving treatment of heavy patients. Current, hospitals with central oxygen systems and central attractions can support respiratory support for a while up to 1,000 patients. In addition, the hospital also has 100 special care beds, deploying machine breathing for dangerous patients. In just a few days, 30 high functional breathing machines, 100 electric pumps, monitor equipment, 1 artificial cardiopulmonary system (ECMO), 7 kidney filters, 10 high functional breathing machines do not use compressed air ..
Has been transferred from the southern warehouse of the Ministry of Health to Covid-19 resuscitation hospital. Levels and industries of Ho Chi Minh City have also actively take advantage of existing resources, prioritizing mechanisms, The policy to complete the supply of materials and medical equipment for the Line Hospital, has a very important role in the strategy of reducing deaths by Covid-19 in the city. Doctor Dr. Do Quoc Huy, Deputy Director of People's Hospital 115 Ho Chi Minh City, Deputy Director of Covid-19 Resuscitation Hospital, after going into operation, Covid-19 resuscitation hospital successfully treated for 106 heavy patients escaping critical conditions, transferred to the lower level hospitals to continue monitoring and treating. 175 military hospital also deployed Covid-19 treatment center with 200 beds, Reception b Heavy and medium patients in Ho Chi Minh City. Another central hospital is a 175 military hospital that has divided fire with the city health sector, with the operation of 200 beds of active treatment for the disease Multiply Covid-19 at Covid-19 Treatment Center on the hospital campus; Payroll 123 y, doctor. Thieu General, Associate Professor, Doctor, People's Master Nguyen Hong Son, Director of Military Medical Hospital 175 said: "The hospital has completed the Covid-19 treatment center In the 48 hours since receiving the request, initially can receive 200 medium and severe patients. "Currently, Covid-19 treatment center at 175 military hospital is fully equipped with breathing machine, The system of oxygening systems, dialysis systems, both ECMO systems ... and have received 22 patients to treatment. The localities "divide fire" in the morning of July 21, Quang Nam Association in Ho Chi Minh City Believe, 10 large passenger cars have come from Quang Nam to Ho Chi Minh City to welcome Quang Nam people to temporarily leave the translation of the countryside. This is also a measure to contribute to reducing people's pressure in Ho Chi Minh City, in the context of translation of Covid-19 complex movements. 21-7, Quang Nam province organizes a convoy into Ho Chi Minh City Welcoming citizens to the hometown of the Department of Translate. Before, on July 20, Binh Dinh Province held 190 citizens from Ho Chi Minh City to fly to Phu Cat airport to go home. Binh Dinh Provincial People's Committee said, will continue to organize similar flights to bring Binh Dinh people and provinces and citadels to the southern aspirations of Binh Dinh isolation of translation room. On July 20, People's Committee Ho Chi Minh City has a written reply on Da Nang City People's Committee on coordinating in Da Nang citizens in Ho Chi Minh City Announcing in Phase 1. The City Department of Transportation will coordinate with the entries The organization took and welcomed people to the countryside to the place to meet the right regulations. "20-7, Binh Dinh Province welcomed 190 first citizens from the southern translation area to the locality, the People's Committee of Nghe An issued Plan to welcome citizens affected by Covid-19 in Thanh Ph

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