Minzy Harmoniously Announced 2 Happy News After The Baby’s Vlog Problem Removed By Youtube

Recently, on the Fanpage I was Bo, MINZY was excited to announce that two happy news continuously came to her and son after the first Vlog of Bo Bo was removed by 'Violation of Community Principles' : 00/2: 13 Southern rejoining southern, the voice to leave said the first Vlog of You YouTube was re-opened after being removed because of a violation of the community principle: "Huhu uncle, the clip is reopened again Huhu. So happy ". Before, MINZY posted Vlog with a nearly 40 minutes, recorded your baby's activities in a day like eating, playing, reading books, making cakes ..

. is one of those Kids caused fever on social networks so the first Vlog of the baby quickly attracted a lot of interest from the online community. Vlog has more than 500k views and nearly 2k comments from Netizen. However, less than a day, the voice left to spoke up to say Vlog temporarily was removed by YouTube: "Bo's Vlog has been removed by YouTube
Maybe several scenes in the pool and when mother and mother shampoo showed a person so youtube evaluated their policy violations with children. Now only remove those segments and upload! Do you think there's no, frustrated. Unfortunately everyone's commentary sent to that for the "first .vlog of the baby bo has been removed by" violating the community principle ". The first vlog information of the son has been reopened , MINZY still announced that the Fanpage child is set to a boy who has reached a megamage of 1 million tracks after only 2 months. Under the post, Erik has left a comment Happy Baby Bo for HOT And surpassed the mother of Hoa: "Mother's mother peacefully peacefully, affectionate, a small, so everyone loves, also loves me," Baby Bo has reached 1 million landmarks after only 2 months Set up. Before that, in a short clip recorded the moment Baby Bo sat at the balcony to devour the hot bread, MINZY was reminded by many Netizens when she found no safety net to protect young children. Clip baby boats waiting for her mother to eat bread in the balcony makes the female singer reminded by many Netizens for not installing safety net. Soldiers leave rapidly speaking quickly to explain because Ho Chi Minh City is stretching in society So it is not possible to call people to install safe nets and children always have a custodian person: "When I go to Australia, I have 2 new mother and mother moves to the apartment. City
Ho Chi Minh City is not possible to call people to make mesh fences outside the balcony. Mother Bo understands the danger of the apartment balcony, waiting for the end of the epidemic will definitely remake safer. With Bo at Italy sitting out there with Ms. Tuyen Asia everyone! She was filming Asia, if she climbed her to throw away the phone, "singer said. Hoang Minh

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