Minzy’s Showing Off The Series Of Boys

The first son of MINZY's heart received love thanks to a lovely look with 'bright', rarely seen compared to the age of 200: 00/1: 13 nam nam nay here, on his own fanpage MINZY singer, female singer Minzy shared the latest photos of his first time. Lovely appearance, "huh chlorin" and super hands of Baby Bo quickly received "heart storms" from the network community. The latest image of Baby Bo - The son of MINZY Hòa and Lai Gia Minh. Northern Northern Funny Funny Sharing: "The translation does not take a haircut should realize that the son is to strokes his hair up together. But he turned his eyelid, his uncle, his mother

." Ever since being publicly made by parents, Minzy's baby booths quickly became "small force" was loved no less than the famous parents thanks to a lovely look with "bright", rarely seen With age. Happy family of female singer on this particular fanpage of boys, Minzy's harmony has just shared extremely happy family members. I still have a good version of her and Netizen to be a standard version of "Copy - Paste"
Minzy and son when you are comfortable in sharing pictures of family members, although However, after many incompatible things that boys are cut, sharing difficult control, and the mixed reactions of many people, Minzy's decided to post a child's photo to protect the baby in advance Negative comments of the netizens, like the way that other famous Vbiz mothers are like Nha Phuong or Thuy Tien did.

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