Miscellaneous State Of Itself After Showing Details Of Being Beaten For Noon

Looking through also suggesting the wound on the face of the glass is not completely disappeared.02 / 1: 09 Southern nationals on the recent personal page, the newly shared shared makes the network community pay attention. Female supermodel publishes pictures with small son. The young and white face of the son's pain is equipped with compliments from the network community. Also, netizens also pay attention to the current face of the glass

. It can be seen that the wounds on supermodel female faces have gradually healed and no longer shown as before. However, one side of the fruit's left eye still signs a sign of blood. The puffiness still has a deep bruise
The costered face was remarked to be fresher than before. The last few days, the public did not flutter before the supermodel case was brutally violent from pregnancy until Lam Tank. Along with those shares, sheeries also revealed the image of the body full of terrible bruises created by brutal violence. Night through (December 2), supermodel to continue divided Sharing about the incident of violence to the deformation, the whole body is full of injuries. Not only that, the supermodel also caused the public to make it far when he revealed his own hit by the night until noon the next day but everyone around them was ignored.

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