Miss H’hen Ni Box For The First Time Livestream Introduces And Sells Agricultural Products

Miss H'Hen Ni has made shares with the first pre-classroom participating in introducing and selling agricultural products in the Livestream program to connect agricultural products - Sequal loving - Joining hands over the pandemic 'towards the South '. Luc 20 hours today (6/8), the delegation to organize the program "Connecting agricultural products - Sepha loves - Joining hands over the pandemic" with the theme "towards the South" .hoa Post H'Hen Ni Livestream on personal fanpage, to call for the support of the audience to join hands to loves to help the workers have difficult circumstances and farmers consume agricultural products, at the same time, help her I am in the center of epidemic such as Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai ..

. Sharing with Tien Phong, H'Hen Nie - Miss Universe Vietnam 2018, Typical Vietnamese young face in 2018, said before Air on the Livestream "toward the South", she had a busy day with his volunteer activities. She went to Covid-19 testing, receiving goods, moving goods to many counties in Ho Chi Minh City. On the reason for participating in Livestream "towards the South", Miss H'Hen Nai said: Chapter It is very meaningful, an arrow hits three targets
Everyone who purchased in the program will buy agricultural products of Dong Thap people, supporting agricultural products, orders VND 200,000 with enough rice, fish, lemon, vegetables ... full of nutritious meals for Family. "This is a program with human values and solved many problems in the context of Translation of Covid-19, there is no reason I don't participate," H'Hen said. More impressed with the theme of the program tonight. According to her, only with the theme name "Towards the South", we are enough to feel that the South is affected a lot because of this Covid-19 epidemic; Enough to everything we settle to think about a common period of the community, the country to walk through the pandemic together. "I love me - where I gave me too many opportunities and be forged, complete version My body. I always thought Ho Chi Minh City was a flower place, the street was crowded and many delicious foods, friendly people .
. but now watching the street quietly, deserted feeling too much. Industry is stopping because of the pandemic, covering the ambition, the dream also temporarily puts it back. I hope we can actually active in directive 16 keeping good health and stretching well to overcome pandemic together. and I also Looking forward to contributing a little bit to clear positive things to the city in particular and everywhere in Vietnam will be strong together, accepting the right rules to prevent epidemics to push the disease together And stabilizing life, "she gave birth to the Livestream program" heading to the South "is also the first time Miss H'Hen nai experiences the promotion and sale of agricultural products. Previously, she often livestream about eating topics, introducing homeland, instructing exercise.H'Hen Shouting: "This is the first time Livestream introduces agricultural products, I don't have many menstrual Experiments should be quite nervous. Song thinking about single sales, I am very excited. "

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