Miss H’hen Shares The Secret Of Eating Many Beautiful

Owning Body With Golden Indicators, many people still think Miss H'Hen Nie diet must be very rigorous. But recently, the beauty suddenly announced, she eated relatively much and delicious but not afraid of broken because there was a private secret.02: 00/2: 57 South of the way, like many other beauties, h 'Hen also positively holds the shape by practicing at home with exercises directly affecting the muscles, to promote fat burn as much as possible. Of course, the maintenance of daily practice habits has never been easy, even with Miss.H'Hen Ni

.hen possesses a hot body with golden indicators. One of the tips to cross the lazy Miss birth in 1992 was no machinery to force themselves to make the spirit born against practice. Whenever you don't like sports practice, H'Hen enlisted a lot of home jobs, not too much or sitting on the phone pressing continuously to make the body easily fat, fatigue
France keeps a positive shape on how to keep the way of stretching the way H'Hen said: "At a lot of asthma, sitting or lying is more than before so the belly will accumulate significant fat. The above abdomen and the lower abdomen are the two parts of Hen, focusing on these days, with belly movements, tightening muscles in this section to maintain a slim and toned waist. Especially the lower abdomen is very difficult to fly fat, so please persevere! When mobilizing yourself to be relieved and healthier in the person. Exciting and burning excess energy ".hen volunteers recently, volunteering such as gifts, heavy loading or vaccinations also helps asthma actively activity during the day. "Help everyone I don't worry about getting fat because of a lot of movement, running to run for sweating to make me better and faster than", Hen excitedly showed this day, the whole country In general and Ho Chi Minh City in particular are giving themselves "fighting" with Pandemic Covid-19. H'hen volunteered in volunteers right from the early days. The gifts were happy and slimming., Saigon is a place to make H'Hen to change and give her too much opportunity to complete Good people like today. "In the thoughts of asthma, Saigon is a bustling city of a bustling city and the land promises to desire to change life from those far away from the countryside and the children on this wonderful land
Now a day to volunteer to see Saigon quietly, absent and asthma is really very loving and heartbreaking. This is also the driving force for asthma to participate in volunteers in the most positive way, let us stay each other passes the pandemic and returns to life like older ". A very happy eyelid: H'hen nie acknowledging, she likes the work of coordinating people going on vaccines," At that time I saw it "cool" , Like some traffic police, like it very much. Every coordination or instruction, everyone understands and follows, so hens feel very warm and love this job ".hen is very positive in social activities, volunteers. Eat more (for working capacity) but also knows limits, for example, the time does not eat more than 8pm, do not eat a lot of starches, do not drink much fresh water, although gaining weight but do not have a defense Excess fat too. "People also try to sleep enough, don't stay up too late too bad because the body takes time to rest to regain energy and eliminate toxic substances from the body" flower Hau added.

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