Miss Honey Lee Suddenly Shot Vietnamese In Blockbusters ‘one The Woman’

Honey Lee's beautiful sister returned to 'One The Woman', and she played for a while with two shoulders Kang Mi Na and Jo Yeon Joo. Episode 2 'ONE THE WOMAN', the daughter-in-law suddenly shot Vietnamese, causing a stunned husband's family. The talented female inspector) is the film directed by Choi Yeong Hoon and the writer Kim Yoon. With the participation of terror cast: Lee Ha Nee - Miss Honey Lee, Lee Sang Yoon, Jin Seo Yeon and Lee Won Geun. The most funny Septemberphim is the One The Womanjo Yeon-Joo (Lee Ha-nee ) is a corrupt prosecutor

. During a visit to suspect, she suffered a car accident and died. When waking up, after the accident, Jo Yeon Joo was turned into Kang Mi Na as a tycaniist daughter. Kang Mi Na has a face and shape identical to Jo Yeon Joo
When he lived with a new identity, Jo Yeon Joo gradually discovered the hell life of the rich daughter-in-law. Honey Lee and Lee Sang Yoonkang Mi Na is the own child of a financial group, the husband's family wants to take over Her family house should agree to get married. Every day, Mi Na has to wake up early to do everything in a unpaid sinner house. Mother-in-law often beats and leads with her, her husbands, who studied by mother also said badly in the sister, only sister Han Sung Hye was the advocate of Ms.Honey Lee would buy two shoulders: Kang Mi Na and Jo Yeon Joovented marriage life, the couple did not have love, sleeping private rooms and he often overnight, adultery with a lot of girls. Basically the weak life of Mi Na is no different from a hell. The talented strawberries are constantly frightened by the mother-in-law Mother Yeon-Joo, when she plays a rich daughter-in-law, she begins to protest and argue with mother-in-law. The whole house was shocked and surprised at her "big" attitude. Kang Mi Na before only bent and submitted it, now Jo Yeon Joo broke his mother-in-law, she handed over two sisters. Jo Yeon Joo is a prosecutor of John, Jo Yeon Joo and Make her mother crazy when speaking badly by four foreign languages: English, French, German and Vietnamese
The scenery of Jo Yeon Jo (Honey Lee) speaks Vietnamese as robots that makes the audience laugh at the chair, because it's too funny and cute. However, the talent of the prosecutor Jo Yeon Joo is not every time, she even Also talked about the law with her mother-in-law if dared to touch her hairpin. Making her mother-in-law and father-in-law "Asian" fear of the strange person's strange personality. The whole husband said that after the nervous accident of Kang Mi Na was unusual. After suddenly the accident Jo Yeon Joo woke up to turn into Kang Mi Na, and Kang Mi Na was truly disappearing Lost Seung Wook (Lee Sang Yoon ) - The first love of Kang Mi Naanh noticed Mi Na very strange and began to suspect while Han Seung-wook (Lee Sang-yoon) was the son of another talented family. After losing love, Kang Mi Na and conflict in inheritance disputes. He went to the United States and was a businessman, now he is the billionaire itself.Jo Yeon Joo behind this husband's family back to Korea to find the cause of his father's death, he accidentally met Kang Mi Na , In the flutter and want to resume the ancient love to her. But he didn't turn, the woman in front of him was not Kang Mi Na but Jo Yeon Jo. He felt that she had confusing actions, unstained unlike Kang Mi na gentle. He began to doubt Jo Yeon Joo and wondered what happened to Kang Mi Na? Say the bad mother with 4 types of foreign languages and shot Vietnamese rumbling 3One The Woman will continue to broadcast on September 24. Let's with Saostar watching this funny movie!

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