Miss Khanh Van Turned Into A Mermaid In A New Photo

In the new set, Miss Khanh Van transformed into the mermaid of the Disney world, confidently conquered his dream and pursued his passion. With the evening costume of the sparkling light mesh, Miss Khanh Van transformed into the mermaid, after being chemically owned a slender long legs, confidently conquered the new dreams of life. If as in Disney's cartoon, the mermaid changed her voice to Get the legs as desired, then outside of life, want to succeed, people have to overcome difficulties, challenging girls, persevering to strive to get what we crave. , Miss Khanh Van wants to convey the message: "Who do you, when you have a chance, know how to grasp and persevere to conquer dreams. Only you are the one who writes the new stories of your life

. "It comes from the 69th Miss Universe contest, Miss Khanh Van spends a lot of time for volunteer activities. She was specially specialized Global Beauties page voted to top 20 Miss Grandslam (Miss of the Misses). Nearby, when the city starts to return to the "normal new" state, Khanh Van actively appears at the Entertainment TV show, with new plans for the next 2022
A few images of Khanh Van in the new set of photos: Vu Toan / VOV.vn

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