Miss Supranational 2021: The Stage Was Criticized Badly, Netizen Took Care Of Anyone To Go To The Exam

Miss Supranational 2021 Arena is taking place in Poland. This is considered the first international beauty contest of 2021, but the stage of the last semi-final night and the 'row' image of the finale makes fans extremely disappointed.Miss Supranational 2021 (Miss International Peace) is the first international beauty arena of 2021 held (contests held since the beginning of the year are compensated organizations for 2020 delayed due to the impact of epidemics) . This year's Miss Suprinational venue is in Poland, however, the size and form of reorganization shall make everyone disappointed. Sample of Minh Tu representative of Vietnam participates in the competition in 2018

. Missosology, and both the Global Beauties page, Miss Supranational is rated as one of the 5 biggest beauty contests on the planet. The number of candidates participating this year consists of 58 beautiful people from 58 countries and territories. This year, Vietnam fails to send candidates to participate in this competition
In 2018, Minh Tu supermodel had representatives of Vietnam participating in competing and reaching the top 10 finals, and won the title of Miss Super National Asia.Hoa Hau Ecuador is expected to reach the Top 10 final. Miss Supranational 2021 semi-finals also take place with bikini and evening dresses. Due to the epidemic situation, the exam night does not have an audience, and is held in the hotel's auditorium, instead of being held at a granddeme stage. Miss Suprinational semi-finals are held in the guest auditorium Hotels (pictured above). The final stage image is leaked on MXH (below). New, the stage image of the finale is also "leaked" on a social network. There was no disappointment of the semi-final night stage, the online community once again sighed on the final stage. The stage was built quite sketchy and too narrow, the beauties will not have enough space to perform their ability. It is known that the Miss Supranational 2021 contest is not only held for the Miss, but also MR Supranational 2021 is for men, held at the same time at the same location
Fans said that perhaps due to the moment of epidemics, sponsors are not very salty with beauty contests, so this super national arena has disappointed so.Hoa Post Brazil, one The beauty with the most beautiful evening dress, unfortunately because she was not performed it at the big stage. Many Netizen Vietnam after looking at these images commented "This year does not send representatives", because Each beautiful person will take a lot of costs and effort, which attend a selected held competition is somewhat fees. The finals of the Miss Supranational 2021 contest will take place tomorrow 20 / 8.How Namibia, heavy candidate of the Miss Person. She is currently specialized Missosology for predicting this year's crown. Hau India made an impressive and unexpected hairstyle, she was also expected to win high rank.Jeanie - Photo: Miss Supranational, WpressOfficial

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