Miss Supranational Korea 2021 Touches The Dress With Miss Huong Giang, Phuong Nga, Is It More Beautiful?

The dress that Miss Supranchional Korea 2021 in the evening test was turned out that each of the two Vietnamese beauties was Huong Giang, Phuong Nga (Phuong Nga (Phuong Nga. Supranational 2021 was officially taking place, in the Evening Apparel Exam, many fashioned fashion followers to realize, the dress that the Korean representative seems to be a creative creator of two domestic beauties Jiang and Phuong Nga weared previously. Miss Grand Korea apparel in the semi-final exam ..

. turned out to be hit by Huong Giang before. The wings are extremely suitable for bright white skin, the beautiful Beautiful people. Before that, Phuong Nga's runner is also on this design
However, it seems that 2 dresses are one, but consider carefully, especially if you look at the sawing line, will see the difference between 2 Design. Liaceeding the beautiful people you have a higher part, while Huong Giang design is more secure, the tentacle is also quite different ... a "sister" version Other but the fringes right away the shoulder turns long.

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