Miss Tai Sac Led His Daughter To Face ‘3rd Person’, Causing A Bloody Tragedy And Tears Late: ‘i’m Sorry You!’

Miss Tai Sac has everything in hand but does not have the full love of her husband to go jealous and cause tragic tragic pain: 00/9: 05 NAMCLARA SUAREZ owned in all hands What all women desire to get with outstanding appearance, more talented and famous are known by many people. However Clara didn't have a full marriage with his love. Blind jealousy pushed her from a perfect woman to become a murder officer that shocked American public opinion for many years. Tclara Suarez lost all after the battle of horrifying horror. The capital was born in Colombia and his father's orphaned orphaned, even though Clara still had a peaceful and happy childhood thanks to his love

. When Clara decided to study dentistry at home before she came to the United States in the late 80s to continue studying up to high school. The bigger Clara is as beautiful as the sun with thick hair with thick hair Red, the sunshine smile with a harmonious face. Thanks to his charming intelligence and beauty, Clara crowned Miss Colombia Houston right after graduating from university
The more you mature, the more salty, the more salty of Clara, the more salty that she always became the focus of paying attention every time it appeared. In 1991, Clara met David Harris dentist, who was also a locker on her, then Two out of 30. Clara quickly "hit the love of love" to this talented doctor. David is not only good at Jiang but also a polite and quite charming man. The couple married on the right day of Valentine in 1992, less than a year after the first date took place. The couple's marriage was held in a luxury hotel. Meeting talented boys with married sex after nearly 1 year dating. In the first time of marriage, Clara was happy with a calm-minded husband And always behave properly. David never looked at a woman over twice, except his wife. Besides, David always goes home on time and doesn't like the meals with friends
The career of both is also increasingly prospered after getting married. Even Clara even earned more money before and soon became a rich businesswoman when she opened her own dental clinic. In 1998, Clara twins two healthy sons. She also has a great relationship with Lindsey - David's own daughter with the previous marriage. After his parents broke up, Lindsey lived with his mother. The appearance of the "3rd" David was commented that his patterned husband and his staff believed David "less likely to be the most adequacy". However, in the world where anyone knows the word suspect. One evening in 2002, David decided not to leave early with his wife and children as every day he went to see the receptionist who was working at his office. It was a 39-year-old woman who was divorced and there were 3 children with the stylish dress named Gail Bridges.gail Bridges also possessed the outstanding beauty with smooth white skin and known brown eyes. When entering David's dental center in August 2001, Gail was paid about 1,800 USD / month. Gail favorite this work partly because of talented and rich bosses. The female reception often let go of teaser, splashing with David. This man also likes to talk to the charming female staff. The "3rd person" Gail Bridges.Wide February 2002, David first invited Gail to lunch at a luxury restaurant. A few months later, the boss relationship - the staff became more and more intimate. They started meeting at Nassau Bay Hilton Hotel, where David held his wedding with rooms with views of the lake. The relationship of both gradually known everyone. Many colleagues in the office do not believe that two people will be adultery until Gail tells David to take me lunch. The woman told them that David Harris loved himself, his marriage with the former Miss existed only because of "business and children". In the summer of 2002, David and Gail were seen many times Overalls in the room. David also spent a lot of time in his office rather than returning to his family. Besides, he also spent a large amount of money to buy gifts for lovers and pay for dating dates at Xo Hoa Hotel. Nassau Hotel Bay Hilton. Some of David's most close colleagues decided Talking frankly with him, hoping David will come back to save his marriage. David was open to them but when everyone suggested firing Gail, David didn't say anything. This man then said he still loves his wife, do not want to end the marriage but at the same time he also loves her seductive love Gail. The jealousy of Hinh HoangClara still doesn't know anything about love outside of the talented husband. People in the office don't say anything to her. However, perhaps worried everything would be shown out, David decided to sit separately with his wife and confessed everything. He told lunch at a luxurious restaurant with lovers. Hearing it, Clara became stunned

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