Miss Universe 2017 H’hen Ni: New Zealand – Paradise Picture Of Creatation

For the first time, go abroad, Miss Universe 2017 H'Hen Ni has a trip to New Zealand to discover the wonderful beauty of this country.0: 00/3: 45 NAMNEW Zealand - Thien Duong The ground said Hen told all the great experiences in this trip would probably become a thousand-year-old story. The most impressive experience of asthma is to admire Queenstown by helicopter. From above, asthma can see the town located on the coast of Green Wakatipu lake, the forests in the coat color stretched like a beautifully captivated picture. Helicopters through clouds and just zooming in the eyes are asthma that can easily see the Southern Sutomer Snurn mountains of the Southern APLS

. Then it was first touched in the snow in the vast vast space of heaven, feeling like I have conquered the "roof of the world". It is true that asthma has increased .
. three pounds after this trip because too much delicious foods. But if to choose the most favorite dish, I choose the meal cooked by Hangi method (Maori means "kitchen in the ground"). You can freely choose fresh ingredients such as chicken, sheep, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, potatoes, cabbage, bread ... and put them in large trays, fabrics and buried to the ground Join hot stone for about three hours. How to prepare naturally, without tasting helps to enhance the true taste of each dish and is very good for health. H'Hen Ni has a 1-0-2 experience when going to Queenstown - Capital The world's adventure of asthma body is a strong personality, so when he arrives in Queenstown - the adventure capital of the world - then asthma cannot ignore the experience of interesting games here. The Kawarau bridge in Queenstown is also the birthplace of Bungee Jumping - one of the world's leading risky games
Until now, it was still a "dose" action most that Hen used to do. You will undergo an emotional cycle from extremely excited (at the registration procedure) to suspense (when queuing), until stress (when standing right at the platform and looking down at the bottom canyon). And asthma had to take 10 courageous courage to shrug him straight down. It is difficult to express the feeling of "you just escaped death" and "become extremely alive". All worries, fear, stress ... disappear right in the gang. Indeed after the jump to life, hen found himself much stronger and also wanted to experience that great feeling! Natural symphony in New Zealand is a nature lover, so everything in New Zealand for asthma is amazing! New Zealand's love and naturalization for Kiwi is a very admirable asthma. They not only take advantage of nature maternal quintessents who have donated, but also for visitors with great travel experiences right from the simplest things. It is also a message that hen thinks that other countries should pursue: Respect nature and use creativity to make nature more and more beautiful.Hen also admire how Maorians keep the text Their Chemistry: Traditional Haka dance, Pōwhiri ritual welcome and how to prepare Hangi food ... over the centuries to today. This creates a very specific identity for Maori culture in a multicultural country like New Zealand.Qu in contact with Maori, Hen recognizes between them and Ede culture with similarities at point: People spend Special respect to nature. Because people live heaven about self-sufficient self-sufficiency with cultivation, raising, so natural mother has a great meaning for their spiritual life. In addition, Hen saw the craft industry, at the stilt house is also quite similar to Ede. People often speak what for the first time will bring an unforgettable impression. This is the first hen to go to New Zealand, a new country located thousands of kilometers by Vietnam. With asthma, this land is really a "ground on the ground" because of its radiant beauty. Every day here, asthma feels overwhelmed by the natural scenery and the warmth of the Kiwi.Booklet "New Zealand - turned on hundreds of interesting things" - Handbook explores the miracles of the country of Kiwi, Because of the newspaper and the New Zealand Education Agency. You can scan this QR code or go to the link: https://bit.ly/hht-booklet-fp to download it! H'Hen Ni ( Miss Universe Vietnam 2017)

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