Miss World 2021: Miss Do Thi Ha Wears A Tiny Waist Bikini On A Sunny Beach

Touching a series of bikini on the beach of Puerto Rico, Miss Do Thi Ha made fans with small waist, the 11th abdominal muscles toned and especially the long legs of 1m11.0: 00/1 : 28 Nu Southern New Day in Miss World, Miss Do Thi Ha launched a series of bikini images on the beach with extremely eye thermal attraction. Professional, confident, showing off small waist and toned abdomen . It can be seen that Miss Do Thi Ha has practiced the way Pose shaped quite smoothly to get the right beautiful photos of the bikini. Compared to the studio, Miss Do Thi Ha's feet are almost no different

. Before that, BTC Miss World 2021 also announced that one of the special events of this contest, it was the night of the performance Fashion Beach Beach Beauty. As far as Miss Do Thi Ha shared, it's not a night exam, but just a sideline activity, because Puerto Rico is a tropical country, in the Caribbean with very beautiful wind beaches .Hau Hau Do Thi Ha is very good at the Miss World (Miss World) contest 2021
She impressed by confidence, radiance, enthusiasm and extremely kind with competitors. Personal page, Miss Do Thi Ha continues to call Netizen to vote for her at the Head to Head Challenge. As far as the beauty shared, she made quite good this section, although this section this year was relatively difficult and challenging compared to previous years.Jeanie - Photo: FBNV

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