Missed The Tongs Of Chicks, The Boys Sobbed The Money To Put The Chicken Into The Institute For A Doctor To Rescue

The boy's lovely action got a countless shares and praise.0: 00/1: 58 namtheo, this boy named Derek C Lalchhanhima, 6 years old, Living in Sairang in Mizoram state, India. On that day, Derek accidentally tied the neighbor's chicken while cycling. Later, the boy carries a chicken injured to the closest hospital with 10 rupees (more than 3 thousand VND) - All the money in the bag that the boy has - thanks to the doctors to help. Boy's, a man named Sanga took a picture and shared on social networks

. The photo quickly attracted the attention of netizens with more than 125 thousand likes and 87 thousand shares only after leaving the day. . Major people feel the action of boys are very innocent, lovely and constantly praise the responsible boy
Sanga writes separately: "The boy's innocent action is worth learning, it's smart and kindness will go hand in hand together. Thank you for this action "The act of son's actions, Mr. Dhiraj Chhetri said that on that day, Derek returned home with the chicks of the neighbor's house that the boy accidentally hit. Derek didn't understand why the chicken was died and asked her parents to take it to the hospital for treatment. However, Mr. Dhiraj told his son that he took the chickens to see the chickens. She was later rewarded for his lovely action. I wondered, Derek actually brought the chicken to the hospital Thanks to the doctors to help. But a moment later, the boy returned home, crying and saying that the doctors did not help the chicken but only took a picture of him holding it with the money on his hand. Before leaving the hospital, Derek also told the doctors there that the boy would return to 100 rupees (nearly 34 thousand VND)
Finally, Derek's parents must explain that this chicken died and Doctors at the hospital can't help, the new boy gives up the intention to bring the chicken back to the hospital. The picture of the photo says that he is happy to share this story: "There is a very thing Important to learn from this innocent young man's action - it is the responsibility and kindness to go together, a beautiful action! ". Cersei (General)

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