Missing ‘marsh Killer’ Is A Model, Man Who Almost Lost Its Network

Thought crocodiles longer than 3.5 meters are model crocodiles, the man jumped into the same photographic lake and was attacked by the animal, almost influenced the network (00/0: 49 nam 00: 00 / 00: 46 Source: MXH It is known that the incident occurred at Amaya View Amusement Park, Cagayan De Oro, Philippines, coupled, due to the mistake of all crocodiles longer than 3.5 meters under the lake is crocodile model , the man named Nehemias Chipadam, 68, has stepped down to take photos together. Immediately after that, Chipadam was suffered by the animal into the arm and pulled into the water before the witness of many people. After screaming and struggling fiercely with the crocodile, Chipadam was lucky to escape and climbed up edge

. The man was taken to the medical center to treat. It was known that Chipadam was bone and had 8 stitches on the arm and thighs.

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