Mistakes In The Care Process Make Black Skin Go Day

If you make the mistakes below in the summer of the skin will darken the view of the 9: 00/1: 35 Nam You are lazy to drink water to reduce blood to reduce blood traffic to the skin, making your face look Gray. Although it can be offset quickly with a two cups of filtered water, experts still advise you to always provide full water for the body. If the cistern is short of water, long-term, the skin will face problems such as sagging, appearing wrinkles from farms to deep, besides the color of dull skin. Illustration. Death accumulation is the main reason why the skin looks rough, dull and if performing steadily steps to exfoliate, you will see smooth skin, bright

. In addition, the removal of dead cells will make the skin easier to be recreated, preventing the risk of premature aging.Da is not completely cleaned against the face because when it is not really clean and receiving products Nursing will cause the skin to be pumpkin, facilitating bacteria to grow, causing acne. You must make a deep cleaning process with steps including: Makeup remover - Facial cleanser - Toner or rose water
If you have time, you should slightly face skin, steam full body to dilate pores, eliminate Toxins, completely removing dirt. The illustration. There are too many nutrients at the same time with the skin with cosmetics as well but also pay attention to the dosage because when Meeting Many problems like melasma, aging, black darkened or acne skin, lumpy. To improve all those problems most quickly, so our women often use a variety of cosmetics overlapping. Reality is to achieve maximum efficiency, which must be followed according to the scientific and paper process , treating each skin problem otherwise it will cause the skin that cannot be osmotic, causing pores, causing acne ... Follow and beautiful

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