Mistakes When Caring For Popular Ears

We all heard through horror stories about infection after piercing because of the habit of hygiene is not correct <: 00/3: 00 Southern region some professional translators specializing in providing piercing services at Saigon has given 6 of the mistakes when taking care of the piercing hole that customers need to stay away from.1. Leaving dirty hands exposed to the hole if you touch the new piercing hole with hand has not been washed, bacteria are easily clinging and can lead to inflammation. You may have heard a lot about this but it is amazing that most infections after piercing comes from this cause. Always wash your hands before touching new ears Your

.2. Your hair products hold on anything and everything that hair encountered throughout the day. It contains shampoo, shampoo plus all bacteria and dirt happened to float in the air you go through today
To prevent bacteria from hair to the new piercings, try taking your hair into the board Night - at least in the first month. Keep it pulled back and away from your ears will not only reduce the risk of infection but also helps it unable to get into your earrings when you sleep. Solution for cleaning errors everyone proposing different solutions to use, so it's hard to know where is the right choice. First, use the salt solution that your piercing people have given you, Every day, twice a day. Use clean cotton cotton to the front and back of the piercing hole, then turn the earrings several times when the earrings are still wet. If that doesn't seem to be effective, the goldsmiths advise you to try using bactine or alcohol Cleaning. Alcohol: Alcohol can sting a bit when you use it. Also, if you see your skin is becoming too dry, stop using it and switch to a lighter type. Only you know your body and can evaluate what is best suited to you.4
Eliminate earrings Early rolling earrings out too soon! The piercing hole will close quite quickly. In order for earrings within 6-8 weeks, let your ears have time to heal.5. Let the earrings too long, you can get the earrings back after 6-8 weeks if you feel ready, but don't leave them! They will still quickly close because they are relatively new. I like your earrings as often as possible for about a year before removing them completely6. Using cheap earringsYou have done their time. The long two months waiting was over. Don't ruin the whole process using the cheap pairs of bat82 materials that are easily damaged and dangerous can be harmful to your health. The jewelry houses recommend wearing gold earrings 14k during the first one because golden yellow is more pure than most metals. They recommend not using white gold because it can be mixed with nickel, which can lead to infection depending on your skin's sensitivity. In the first year, your ears can be more sensitive, and you will Don't want to be allergic. When you have pierced the ears, take care of them! Your ears are beautiful and need to be healthy. If you are looking for more details on how to clean and take care of your jewelry, visit our website https://cockstock.com.vn/

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