Mistakes When Using A Fast-tint Car ‘down Code’

The habit of harmless habits below is quickly making your car less durable, even causing you to fall into a dangerous situation when running on the road.02: 00/1: 51 namr duong for New friends who use hand trucks, they are often difficult to get into the throttle, so they are often very difficult, so you often go to a large station but have little taper, this habit if you don't overcome, the father The car will be very susceptible to fire or fast worn. The person who moves on the street will have the times when you fall into the situation to move the car slowly like: traffic jams, stop red lights. If you are lazy to return low numbers or even to high numbers (No. 4, No

. 5) when moving, this will make your car's engine be and accidentally this action is the same as you are tapering when moving Transfer on the road. For new friends using hand trucks, tapering into the station is often very difficult to be too hard to be a very harmful operation for hand trucks, making friends Then squeezing the car to move freely at high speeds will affect the life of the car clutch, besides taper when the car is moving at high speeds will be very dangerous when meeting love Unexpectedly on the road. Continuous and constantly spread the experts of every car will recommend that this action is extremely harmful to the engine
Most users also know the medium-sized congestion, causing unnecessary gasoline, making the engine quickly overheated and easy to wear machine details. However, because it is an interesting manipulation sometimes creating excitement, many people are still hard to quit this habit. The number of "lives" when it is not enough to rewind the liveliness is a way of calling the number without using it Con. These ever seen as a way to preserve the most effective taper, especially with long journeys. However, the number of live numbers when it is not enough to reorganize the machine, it will make the car owner soon replace the gearbox due to a number or self-jumped number due to zero, curved the number, the number of fits makes the transfer Numbers face many difficulties. Some people also make the number of live numbers without experience, making the gearbox the fastest damage due to broken gears or rupture of numbers. By Thu Ha, yesterday, at 7:00

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