Mitsubishi Airtrek 2022 Launches

SUP SUV SUV SIPLE SIZE ONLY Outlander, installing 70 kWh battery pack with 520 km operating range, car sold from the beginning of 2022.AirTrek 2022 is developed from the GAC AION V car model of Chinese Partner Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC). However, Mitsubishi's crossover has a completely different design than the "brother". According to BestCarWeb's report, Airtrek is 4,600 mm long, 1,910 mm wide, 1,690 mm high. Compared to Outlander, electric SUV samples shorter than 80 mm and 50 mm wide

. The first part of Airtrek 2022 owns the typical Dynamic Shield design language of Japanese automotive brands, with two chrome bars making X-shaped shapes. The middle is a silver grille with a thick 3 nan and unique motifs. Because it is a model of electric vehicles, this area is sealed
SUV Mitsubishi Airtrek electricity develops for the Chinese market. The daytime positioning LED lights are divided into 5 small plots, the LED LED headlight With 3 rectangular projector balls. The hiking center hit the trapezoidal center with the outer silver mesh, integrated radar serving the active safety technologies.Mitsubishi equipped for Airtrek 70 kWh battery pack for 520 km operating range according to Central CTLC standards National. Japanese automaker does not disclose engine parameters. 5-seat design, aiming to reality, large touch screen set horizontally, clock clock after digital steering wheel with real technology Fantasy enhances the positioning system. Spacious interior space thanks to a dedicated platform with a flat floor and long base shaft.Mitsubishi Airtrek is manufactured by GAC Mitsubishi Motors joint venture in China, cars sold from the beginning of 2022.The.

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