Mma Commentator Argued With Mcgregor

Conor McGregor continues to be caught in trouble after the UFC 264 event, this time is a battle with a commentator Michael Bioding.0: 00/1: 31The namtheo MMA Fighting, McGregor let go of criticism Daniel Cormier, colleagues Baveling on Podcast Belive You Me. That made Bisping unhappy, decided to join the war on social networks. Reply, McGregor replied that he had collected a large amount of battles with Bavel.mcgregor boasted: "Unique assets I used to lose my Legacy 5000 aircraft that my mother used to use "

.bisping replied:" Money doesn't make him small. Also, even if he stood on his money, I was still a higher man ".mcgregor at UFC 264 event
Photo: Getty Images. Then, McGregor continues to sarcast himself. However, the comments of the "crazy guy" (the nickname of McGregor) on the social network quickly deleted.Bisping this year is 42 years old, each MMA competed in Mid-range and light in UFC events. He declared retirement in 2018. In the meantime, McGregor was nourishing after breaking his leg in the match with Dustin Poirier at the UFC 264 event on July 11 (Hanoi Hours). This injury made the Irish boxer lost with the Knock-Out technique (TKO) and dropped to the 9th place on the Light MMA rankings. McGregor is expected to take a professional competition until the end of 2021. However, on September 11, he will return to the floor to join the charity battle with Al Foran to donate money to support the wheelchairs Association in Ireland.Kho McGregor McGregor McGregor Injury just before the first half closed and suffered from the technical knock-out before Dustin Poirier in UFC 264 noon 11/7 (Hanoi time)

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