Mobifone’s Young Age Relays The Lions ‘overcome A Dance’ Of High School Exams

Located in the series of Volunteer Campaigns in the summer 2021, from 7-9 / 7, MobiFone's youth continues to implement the Exam Program in 2021 in Que Gia High School, accompanying thousands of people Tu 'surpassed Vu Mon' successfully. The national high school exam in 2021 took place in the context of Doctor of Covid-19 is very complicated, the exam relay program is still deployed by MobiFone Youth Unions with many activities The most important and important meaning is to ensure the prevention and control of epidemics for contestants to rest assured to take the exam. With hundreds of union members, youth volunteers, the Mobifone season relay this year is divided into 20 teams and Permanently support thousands of candidates at nearly 50 contest locations throughout the provinces across the country. Supporting high school graduation exam in Ho Chi Minh City. Hai Phong Young MobiFone for 6,500 contestants at 15 exam scores with teams including, 10 teams in Hai Phong: Ngo Quyen Secondary School, Ngo Quyen High School, TT GD Regular Hai Phong, Tran Nguyen Han High School, School Dong Hoa High School, Phan Dang Luu High School, An Lao High School, Tran Hung Dao High School Quoc Tuan High School and An Duong High School

. 01 team in Tuyen Quang: Ham Yen High School, Ham Yen District, Tuyen Quang Province. 02 teams in Vinh Long: Luu Van Liet and Nguyen Thong High School and in Can Tho have 02 teams at An Khanh High School and Bui Huu Nghia High School. At the program to join the exam season, union members, Youth Mobifone Overflowing gas, energy with volunteer activities, volunteers, marking deep blue coat color and contestants during the journey of the exam such as: Generating medical and waterfront site Department of Translation; Free drinking water for candidates and candidates; The union supports, guides and supports the spirit of contest candidates
At the same time, MobiFone volunteers also advise MobiFone products and replace the 4G sim for free and support lunch for remote home candidates at Ham Yen High School, Ham Yen District, Tuyen Quang Province. The total deployment cost for this program is VND 50 million. Previously, Mobifone's youth also implemented a messaging activity to introduce the Mobiedu test service to the contestants: for the exam season in Vinh Long province in Ninh Thuan, Mobifone's young age supported The item Provincial Items To accompany the contestant 17 Local exam scores with more than 6,000 contestants include: Propaganda banners, 100 dry hand washing bottles M.PROS 450ML; 740 Antibacterial fabric masks for volunteers. The total cost of VND 16.2 million. Besides, MobiFil MobiFone also organized 03 relay teams for 406 candidates at Dien Bien (Phan Dinh Giot High School - Tp
Dien Bien Phu, Ethnic Minority Boarding School High School Dien Bien District and Thanh Bang High School - X.Thanh Blank - H.In Bien) with activities such as: Supporting contest points to welcome contestants, procedures and examining body temperature, hygiene and safety Epidine; Sponsoring drinking water and masks for candidates at the test score; Combining service consulting consulting stores at receptions. The total cost of activities is 10 million VND. Huong Hoa District, Quang Tri Province is one of the exam locations with many difficulties. MobiFone Youth has organized a relay line for 188 contestants at A Tuc High School, Xa Lua and District Huong Hoa with activities such as: Reception of contestants, serving drinking water, antiseptic water and donated 1 rate Gifts for a difficult student with a total cost of VND 3 million. At the same time, MobiFil MobiFone also organized a lineup of 500 rice for volunteers at 13 exam scores in Thua Thien Hue with a total cost of VND 9.6 million. Disability supported by MobiFone members at Mountainous mountain test scores, Quang Tri, cute smiles, radiant faces and practical meaningful activities of MobiFone's youth is a source of motivation to help contestants to dissolve the worms The day of stress and enthusiastic competition for the younger generation - the generation of Vietnamese youth rich in enthusiasm and responsibility for the community.Chia emotionally on this occasion, Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh - Secretary of Mobifone Union City. Can Tho was touched: "I have 3 years with the MobiFone group participating in the exam season, but this year is the most memorable year, because the situation of Covid disease is very complicated. Besides work as every year, we must also plan to ensure safety and prevention of yourself and the community. This is a difficult season of students, parents. But hope, with his small contribution, MobiFone can share those difficulties for sisters and their families. "" Relaying the exam season "is one of many meaningful activities But MobiFone voluntary blue shirt brings to the community. Mobifone's youth in general and the volunteers of the program "Relaying the exam season" in particular have smoothly dedicated their lives of humanities and best. Hundreds of hearts across a beat, hundreds of arms in the same direction

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