‘mobile Supermarket’ Resolves Food For People In Ho Chi Minh City

Many people in the districts in Ho Chi Minh City have bought meat, fish, vegetables ... quickly thanks to the 'Mobile Supermarket' model on July 14, many people are about to go "Mobile supermarket" at Nguyen Dinh Chieu School, Le Quang Dinh Street, Binh Thanh District Ho Chi Minh City. This is one of the four first mobile sales points of AEON supermarket, to address fast food needs Quickly hand the hand

. From 7pm in the morning, many people were present, arranged order to be purchased, someone constantly calling home to find the necessary items. Price listed In addition to the school gate for guests to learn about the price before entering the area within the purchase. The person coming to the earliest, Ms
Luong Thi Thu Thuy (Binh Thanh district) said: "I heard this" supermarket "from the day Through, feeling like this is very convenient, instead of having to go to a large supermarket about a few hours to be purchased, here save a lot more time ". About 8:30, new food trucks to the selling point , workers together Well exhibiting goods. Dong Pham Duc Thong (AEON supermarket operators) said that responding to the call of the Department of Industry and Trade, the mobile supermarket was sold since July 13 and lasted until the end of the day. Spacing ways to follow instructions 16. "Semodynamic selling points have more than 40 items, mobile sales prices are equivalent to selling prices in supermarkets and prices of online products". - Mr. Thong said. When the staff cleared the goods, the functional force coordinated for each visit to the purchase. The residual people against hand before entering inside. Inside, I will continue to get up to 10 visitors
The most packed items are available, people just take and take away. In addition to vegetables, tubers, fish, meat, there are dry items, for fresh food, employees require people to buy only one part for each item to leave the following. Bunch of lettuce and an apple. "The pre-packed selling point should buy very conveniently, go to the market like this fast and safely, I feel very secure," she said. People mainly buy fresh food like vegetables. Selecting finished goods, people pay at the nearby "Funny" cashier counter, the average guest loses from 15-20 minutes to buy goods. Outside, many people are waiting for buying and buying force Function requires people to buy fast, pay fast and don't linger long to make room for others. People sit, wait for purchase. Sales points will start operating from 8:30 to 11:00. In addition to the discipline on Le Quang Dinh, Aeon also organized points sold at Ly Thai To Street, the Republic Street and Soviet Road of Nghe Tinh, and informed people in the days of social interpretation according to directive 16. Pediatric

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