Moldova Registers A Bid To Choose The Debt Auditing Company For Gazprom

The Moldova government will launch a bid to choose an international company that will conduct the historical debt audit of Moldovagaz for Gazprom in December. Illustration. https: // Prime Minister of Republican, Minister of Infrastructure Andrei Spinu, who negotiated a new contract with Russia's gas held in October, said: "One Bidding to choose an international company will conduct the audit of Moldovagaz's debts that will be conducted in December

. The Ministry of Finance is solving this problem, "he said and added that" Moldova will pay For the audit as in the company's interests. "In October, Gazprom and Moldovagaz extended gas supply contracts for 5 years. The spokesman of Gazprom, Sergey Kupriyanov previously said Moldova's debt for the company was about $ 433 million, or more than $ 700 million to consider overdue payments
The parties agreed to confirm the amount this year in the audit.Moldovagaz National Energy Company owned by Gazprom owned by Gazprom, said in a statement that they had transferred payment to Russian Company " In order to consume natural gas in October and the first half of November this year, "Moldova and Gazprom have extended their gas contract for 5 years by the end of last month after having difficulty struggling due to increased gas prices. Facing a shortage of gas, Chisinau has announced an emergency and for the first time signing a gas supply contract with a non-Russian country.https: //kinhtexaydung.petrotimes.vnchivy

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