‘mom Don’t Welcome Me, Shame’, The Boy’s Statement Makes Her Awake

The mother was surprised to suddenly her pet suggested that she didn't come to pick up at school anymore. Hearing the reason, the mother shocked about not speechless but thought carefully, his son seemed to be Chi Ly.00: 00/3: 01Nam in the south of the night, a small son of a long time For me: "Mom, I don't welcome me anymore. I told my baby to pick me up!". I was startled in surprise, "I want you to pick it up? I welcome me?" Boys thinking for a moment, honestly said: "Because you're in the class you wear a beautiful flower dress

. Every time I welcome you all likes to play with aunt. And she welcomes me to wear bad clothes. Tiger very much! "The truth, I have a little disappointed because it turned out long in her son's heart, she was not the most beautiful person but just a momon, dressed ugly
Seeing it wasn't necessary after giving birth, I was increasingly dressed simply and didn't care about slapping the appearance. Unexpectedly, this razing makes the son feel embarrassed, do not want me to pick up at school. I understand that your child is small and the instinct of the children will easily evaluate others just based on the look outside. How can I blame your children? Does any child feel proud when his mother is beautiful? Is there any child who is not happy when moms are always bright every time they come to pick up children at school? Don't think children don't know anything. In fact, it is very small, they know how to distinguish badly and the aesthetic will grow over time. A child psychologist once said: "The aesthetic consciousness appears in the childhood of a child will affect its nature and aesthetic capabilities throughout his life". With a teacher Your first child, parents should lead their children with themselves, guiding children to understand "beauty" and don't strangle the nature of children. The fact that the mother is taking care of yourself, paying attention to neat, beautiful, will greatly affect the confidence and personality of your child when grew up. A mother knows love, taking care of yourself There are positive attitudes for life. With a young spirit and positive, mothers are willing to spend the time "slap" again and themselves love this life will become a premise to help their children live better
Mothers know Appendance to your own appearance reflecting the desire to pursue the quality of life. Even if in any circumstances, they don't want to be augmented, ugly. Even when falling into a miserable circumstances, they also keep ourselves basic chu because they believe in the good future. With the pursuit of quality of life, mothers not only try to make life Nice, more colorful but also trying to create enough and their children the best development environment. Under the influence of the mother, the children will raise the aesthetic, to respect themselves and have goals in life. The future of these children will be an open road. People always say that children are the mirror of their parents. So it is not difficult to notice that when she doesn't know how to take care of your child, the child is naturally sloppy, rough. If I live without tidy, your children will lack neatness. And the beautiful, delicate mothers, surely the children will always cherish beauty, know how to manage and clean. There is no contradiction between loving children and loves themselves. There is no conflict between your own beauty and child care and parenting. A mother can both beautiful and have a great educational ability. (Source: 163) According to phapluat.suckhoedoisong.vn

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