Mom Wants To Advise Daughter … Divorce

From only two white hands, the stable economic hour, the son-in-law turned to face silver, the daughter's daughter. I know, I'm sure my daughter will suffer very much, but I still want to advise my child ... Let's hand

.0: 00/3: 49 Navigen Helps illustrate Thanh Tam Heart! This time, I bothered too Know who to find advice from. It was not fun so I didn't want the relatives to know. I have two children, the first daughter and son after studying college last year
My head of my head graduated from college, specialized in English, so no matter how long, I still taught online in a high school in my child Working and competing for exam preparation also in the form of online for several students. Because the work is stable, my child's income is quite good. Graduated from 2 years, I married and now have a three-year-old daughter. One child, plus a family of conditions to look at many people who still think new students go to school. Make money, the income of my son-in-law is also very good but my daughter is very simple. Anyone who is exposed to children will also have sympathy. Perhaps that's why the interior also loves my daughter like your child, has never blamed your child. My girl is the family, with my child, her husband is always a number one priority. I have refused the opportunity to go to school abroad for nearly a year because I don't want to be away from my children. I told you these things like showing off my children but in fact I just want to share so I know, my child has a peaceful, happy life
So recently, when the phone calls the news My girl is emerging in the hospital, I have shed off all my limbs. At the place where the new doctor informed the couple I knew, my child takes herbicide to commit suicide. Also forced to emergency timely, it was not dangerous. When I wake up, I deliberately don't ask you to let you don't have to remember how to make your child sadly, feeling the deadlock so much that he wants to leave the world. But he himself told me the story of "horns", her husband adultery with employees in the company. She sent a message to challenge my daughter. When my child talked to her husband, he couldn't deny but also if my child was ready to divorce immediately ... that made my child shocked and thoughtful. My son-in-law did not appear. My wife and my wife and all the eyes were red, so I love my daughter too. My mother-in-law and my daughter still declared, could be from a boy to definitely not leave my daughter-in-law and grandson. I knew, my daughter loved her husband. The two of them were together nearly ten years, during his daughter to study the second year of university. My daughter was a solid post-stakeholder to help her husband to start a business succeeded, from only two white hands, strong economic hours, the son-in-law was turned to face silver, the daughter's daughter. I know, I'm sure my daughter will suffer very much, but I still want to advise you ... Let's go. I also asked for permission to welcome my child and I returned to take care of care but I wanted to keep my children staying at home. I do so is it right? Does my daughter get angry when she intervenes your child's story and wants you to break up with me? Hope I helped me an advice. Tran Thanh Hue (Son La) Dear Hue! This will help your children understand their children very important to many people, although among them don't have their partner. Don't decide on anything, especially marriage, it should respect child. Choose the moment, share with her thoughts and let her make a decision to make her own. The fact also shows that the marriage of her daughter is hard to save because her bride who has expressed very clear attitude. Then you can make your child now more caves you love yourself more , Good health care to be able to take care of yourself and let me. Most likely in the future, her daughter will meet a loving man and cherish children; Maybe your daughter will choose how to make a single mother. Either way, when I know yourself, I will feel happy with my choice! Happy atmosphere soon turned back to her family! Thanh Tam

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