On the stone chair placed on the old oak tree, the two woman sitting, suddenly they just exchanged some questions. The full moonlight clears a space, yellow warm dress but ripples up a little bit, MAc.0: 00/9: 25 Nou southernmost is probably a rare scene in the campus crowded Construction, precious land as gold, so the space is increasingly narrowed. This nursing home formed for a long time, in the past, it was in the outskirts of the city, and today lies in the rabbits among the rectifiers. Gray, several several potted pots, all activities take place slowly, the sounds are very lighter than the gold leaf falling, the landscape is no different from the shortest steps, the hair increasingly The shape of people is fighting with time

. The older woman said far away: - Did you see the cowl sitting on the original root on it? The younger woman looked up at the moon, giggling: - The children sang "with a multi-big tree, there was an old cuff hugging a dream ..
", but when she reached the moon, people only saw all land and rocks. It doesn't have a tree with a shot, and the face of her nose is very ugly ... people who are cleverly embroidered, dreamed, so they gave birth to many legends, legends, demons no one saw but much He was afraid of the devil ... the older woman asked: - You said the age was approximately 75, so is there a regret in the life? Stop for a long time, the other answer: - Poor too, sorry What is now? Doing the pants from year to another month, the elderly is always good. A mother raised nine children, but nine adopted children did not float a mother. They are too poor, like ducks, at first, they cling to their mother to eat, gradually seeing no longer duckling, anymore, everyone is swimming in a way
After a disabled husband died, I didn't And the strength to get chushed, please go here. Long time, the big guy ran three-star visits, sending less money or pieces of cakes, fruits. The number is probably because it is set to that ... and you are too long ago, everyone knows her family. The fake children that why ... the older woman suddenly stood up, didn't seem to want to answer the question of the person with the plight. Many afternoons, sitting on this stone chair, she wondered why she had to go home in this huge place, where it was said to be physical nervous but made a lot of skin, tear the inner tam of many children people, tedious static static, silently invaded their sleep, meals, loan white whole soul. The soulful white color of the cemetery, of the field after the flood storm, of the pancreatic bodies lifeless. The elderly needs peace, but it doesn't mean to confine them into four silent walls, separate them from the voice, laughter, the sadness of the children, must take them out of the family heater , obscuring the space that everything is tossed, flying jumping, giving them a picture without language, the color always brings the gives of lonely to the most frightening dose of the most frightening Living, pills, the hearts will become cold, everything will become tasteless, whether it's a bird song at dawn, whether it is the waves of the sea, even before standing in front of a flower garden The sweetness of the scent, though sitting on the side of Son Hao, Hai Ba ... no pain like any pain. If the other mother must stand in front of the deep hole separating is due to the anonymous scene, this mother has conditions to make a bumper hurt. After the bombing of the enemy, she had just raised her child to continue fighting, her only wishes to be a country soon Thanh Binh, the child later will become a useful person, serving the country. Launching, due to health, she retired early, the son who works in a suburban district, every decade it is promoted to hold a new position, into a leadership of administrative agencies, promising Footsteps will be rafted faster, further. She did he suspect, his son's relationship was getting wide open, the road of the mother's life was narrowing. After a while, it was mobilized to the city to serve quite large, it suddenly negotiated with her ... the nursing home for an old aging conditions, where there are friends with a jersey, there are medical care doctors, with preferential regimes who have merit ... why it is: "I'm busy, my wife and children also have a state, have a foolish guy who is stupid, so taking care of the cheeks is not enough. My husband and children also have a workshop to hire a maid, but my house is good Having a shoulder ... so it was not convenient. Such ahead, every week we visited once, my cheeks were fully taken care of, I was very happy ... ". Love you and don't want to make them" entangled. Hand, entangled ", so the mother reluctantly in mind. During the seven years passed, at the age of more than 80, the environment that the son deliberately "weave brocade, embroidery" has sown in her heart a sorrowful and the left without that shape

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