‘moony Season’ Comes To Children With Difficult Circumstances

Responding to the 'Voluntary Moon' activities of the Provincial Youth Union and the Council of Dong Thap Province with the theme of 'Moon Mooning ", the Youth Union of Phu Thuan B commune (Hong Ngu district) organized and donated lights for The children of children. Used has been used by the Youth Union of Phu Thuan B commune to make manual lanterns donated to the children. Besides, the Youth Union also coordinates the center of Tam Nhu Sen to donate 200 gifts including: cages lights, moon cakes, episodes with a total value of more than 15 million VND from the source of magnificent sponsors nearby. Mid-Autumn Festival for small children, Youth Union, Red Cross, Phu Thuan B Commune Dynamic donations 9 smartphones for high school students in Phu Thuan B; Donate 1,000 volumes, 20 pairs of pairs, 10 scholarships, 80 sets of used textbooks with a total value of nearly 30 million. The lanterns will be taken by the volunteer team of Shipper Blue Youth Union

. take home for the students, create a meaningful and warm playground at the difficult situation of the disease.

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