More Blackpink Members Reveal The Consequences Of Hair Removal: One Year And Hair Is Still Dry And Fibrous

The audience knows that K-pop idols are difficult to keep the hair smoothing healthy because of too much chemicals. Looking at the Blackpink members revealing his ear hair, Netizen is sorry, for the whole year, but the hair is still unable to dry. Pre-drying, Blackpink's hairdresser has revealed that to have blonde hair She, Rosé has time to remove his hair up to 3 times a week, then the color will be colored. Those who ever bleached their hair to dye light all know this stage is very harmful to Rosé's hair and weeks of chemicals like Rosé, the hair will weaken a lot. Jennie must also sit for 18 hours in hair salon To get two platinum blonde curls outstanding in the song How You Like That

. Stylist Father Father had to bleach the hair for Jennie many times, repeated to the pale curls. Not to mention after each efflusion takes two days to recover, accompanied by additional nutrients so that Jennie hair is not much damaged, so it takes a lot of time, on Lili's Film's own YouTube channel, Lisa has also revealed Hair dyeing journey to capture a photo set for separate mini albums. Besides the trial, nails, the hair also takes a lot of time, Lisa
lisa's effort confirms that hair dye is not easy when you have to sit for hours will make many people see. Lisa predicted that he would take up to 5 hours and recognized "Thinking about it was frustrated?" Then to go to the hairdresser, Stylist announced that Lisa must be here for more than 5 hours. Speaking of hair removal, Lisa doesn't hide that since promoting Lovesick Girls until now, his hair is still damaged. It has almost a year, but the hair has undergone the eraser and dyeing Kim is still very dry, fibrous. However, Lisa is still very excited with the turning screen from black hair to blonde hair to get a new image for debut solo. British - Photo synthesis from many sources

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