More Than 1.9 Million Clips Are Available From “flying ‘from Chinese Websites

China is currently wrecking 'thoroughly' Ngo Yorni after a series of shocks.Scandal of Ngo Yorny in the past has never been cooling on social networking sites. After announcing the official arrest, many people are more concerned about the "fate" of the products that he contributes. Brands continuously ended the contract with Ngo Yorniness as soon as Scandal broke out, the films of his attendance were also spread. It can be said that the massage from China becomes fierce and closely more closely than here, a series of video platforms like Youku and Iqiyi can take the entire clips present to Ngo Yorni

. This means more than 1.9 million clips and 7000 episodes will be wiped out. Tencent also shows toughness when stopping cooperating with the guy, and Weibo for "flying" is always account of Ngo Yorniness after Scandal
One of China's largest organizations about audio networks - images is China Netcasting Services Association (CNSA) launched a notice: "Online platforms like Youku, IQIYI, and Tencent have deleted products related to Ngo Yorniness. Tencent, which has cooperated with Ngo Yorni before Here, immediately the kind of guy out of the list of representatives as soon as the group was just in the group. Baidu called Ngo Yorni a "artist without the qualities daring to be illegal". Weibo locks personal and financial accounts Account of the Working Room Ngo Yorny. Based on the data that people send us, until August 17, there are more than 1.9 million short clips and 7000 programs / films treated. Currently, the prize process Resolution related things are still being implemented. The platforms were very quick in removing products related to Ngo Yorny and receiving Support from the public ". Many netizens are sad because other artists will also be affected, such as Nine Percent's Idol Hits program will also be removed because of the appearance of Ngo Yorny.

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