More Than 20 Mysterious Death Scientists Related To Ufos

When researching information to UFO writer Sidney Sheldon discovered more than 20 professionals working in the field of British defense universe, within 6 years, respectively died in a mysterious flying disk image an.Hinh often described (Photo: Internet) In 1991, the famous American writer Sidney Sheldon published the book "Where the world's end." In the storyline, the main character is a secret agent of the US naval intelligence. He received the task of finding witnesses of UFO crash. After finding witnesses, all of them were killed

. Then he himself was hunted. Who can doubt that this fiction story seems based on a story thuc.Sheldon and "conspiracy theories" When preparing to write a book, Sheldon has collected large amounts of information on flying object observed define (UFO)
He came to the conclusion that the special branch has studied the subject and information about them kept secret UFO was very careful than.Dot writer course pay attention to the information of more than 20 professionals working in the UK defense sector universe, within 6 years respectively died in mysterious circumstances. The writer has published this information, it immediately attracted the attention of those who study UFOs and conspiracy theories followers. "List of Sheldon" becoming evidence next "conspiracy theories" notorious, which according to its national governments are hiding carefully the information they have about the presence on Earth of the representative position Property alien's tinh.Danh vongNan first electronic book in the "List of Sheldon" is said Keith Bowden programming staff 45 years of synthetic Essex School, died in a car accident in January 3/1982. Cars of his fall from the bridge near the abandoned station wagon flush down nuoc.Thang 4 1983 Colonel Godley Antony 49, security specialist, detachment commander of the College trained military science Royal missing. It was later announced he had chet.Thang 3/1985 radar designers Roger Hill 49 firm Marconi shot dead by a family in the house he lived, supposedly self sat.Thang 11/1985 media specialist Jonathan Walsh 29 years, employees with British Telecom, which specializes in making project at the Center for scientific research secret Martlesham Health in the capital Abidjan of Ivory Coast (Africa), has fallen from the living room window 10/1986 dat
Thang hotel down computer analyst 26 years of Marconi Defense Systems Arshad Sharif car 100 km from London to Bristol housing. There he took the rope from the car, tie a rope to a tree top, the other end tightening noose on his neck gown, then revved. The car suddenly jumped up and tightened the noose on the neck Sharif.It days later, a 24 year-old engineer in the field of software assurance Vital Dazibai Klifton falls from the bridge into the river in Bristol. Turns out Dazibai do the navigation system for Tigerfish torpedoes at Marconi Underwater Systems.Nam firm is the year 1987 happened many unnatural death of British weapons expert universe. In January, we find computer consultant of the Ministry of Defense, Richard Pugh, has died. The cause of death was due to asphyxia: neck Pugh wrapped 4-wire loop, a top tether to toe caiCung that month it was discovered specialists battery tank of the Ministry of Defense, John Brittan, who died in a car Car is still the engine in his garage. He died of gas poisoning 2/1987 thai.Thang design engineer 46 years of Marconi Space Systems Victor Moore died too lieu.Cung drugs in February, staff scientist College Royal Military Peter Pipell dead in his garage. He lay under his truck, face down into the exhaust. The doctor diagnosed death due to poisoning, evaluation determines whether the vehicle engine is turned on only very ngan.Thang time 3/1987 project curator its satellite manufacturing Eassams David Sands crashed car your car at high speed into the brick wall of the deserted cafe. He died at cho.Thang 1/1988 23 technical experts of Atomic Energy Research Russell Smith Establishment crashed from the cliff in CornWall.Thang 8 of that year, in the apartments of company Marconi has found the body of support marketing manager 60 years John Ferry. A bare wires in the mouth ong.Con another death by electrocution is the software assurance personnel 50. Its Alistair Beckham Plessy doing software testing "War between the stars". Also in August, his body was found in a shed in the back garden. Around the chest of the deceased have ceiling winding connected to the mains. Beckham leaving messages before chet.Nhung followers chetDang conspiracy theories was noted that these deaths occur similar to those interested in the series this unusual death. Day in the park 06/08/1993 Portland (Oregon, USA) has found the body of Ronald Rummell, who not long ago wrote about "suicides are predictable and the deaths of so unfortunate British experts have been working with top-secret projects in the public sector

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