More Than 260 Thousand Mazda 3 Cars Are Summoned Because Of Some Little Error

A total of 260,915 Mazda 3 produced from 2004-2007 was forced to recall to replace the logo on the airbag cap. This summon started in August 2021 to 9: 00/1: 48 nu southernmost 260,915 Mazda 3 produced from 2004-2007 was summoned in North America. The reason by a very small part is that the logo mounted on the steering wheel may break along with a airbag and increase the ability to damage the driver. More than 260 thousand Mazda 3 are subject to summoning in North America.

. (Photo: Motorbiscuit) Mazda representative said, due to the characteristics of the material that made the logo inappropriate and became crispy over time, so this department could be broken into small pieces, causing damage if the bag The front gas broke out. However, only the cars produced from 2004-2007 encountered the above error. In Mazda 3 models later, the manufacturer has changed to a better quality logo and the following models do not encounter this problem
Logo of Mazda on the lid of airbag after many years of crispy use and yes Can endanger the driver. (Photo: Motorbiscuit) with vehicles in the summoned list, Mazda will conduct free replacement of airbags on the steering wheel. Other parts such as airbags or pumps will be preserved. Summoning will be informed to car owners starting at the end of August 2021. Before that, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Department (NHTSA) said, from September 2015, the agency has been Get reflected on being a person sitting on the injured car because Mazda's logo shot on the face. Since then, there are 8 similar incidents that are recorded. Even in September 2019, there are 2 lawsuits related to this error on the Mazda car 3.Hoang Hiep (according to Car and Driver) Are you satisfied or disappointed with your own truck? Share the article Experience on your car to Motorbike Motorbike Board: The appropriate content will be posted
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