More Than 3,000 New Hard Bmw Are Abandoned For 6 Years

A blizzard has caused more than 3,000 BMW and other cars stuck in Vancouver, Canadatrong for 6 nam.0: 00/1: domain 23Nu NamDoan video uploaded on Instagram earlier this month caused more than 3,000 samples surprised when new BMW and Mini hard abandoned in a vacant lot in Vancouver (Canada) .Xem video: 00: 00/00: 3000 29Duoc know this vehicle has docked in Halifax, Canada, in May 2/2015, but a battle blizzard struck the port making them stuck and lead to unfortunate outcomes as now gio.Toan the car almost completely damaged. Power systems, suspension systems and parts khaccung important unrecoverable due to prolonged exposure to the Canadian tiet

.Cac authorities recovered a large quantity vehicle to rescue them. However, BMW said that the repair is not effective. Instead, BMW and MINI were replaced with new vehicles for customers affected huong
Ngoai out, snow storm also damaged some other great cars. Although the video quality is low, making it difficult to determine the type of machine and the specific designs of the models, but can detect a M6 and a Alpina B6 is rare also in the "parking die" nay.Phuong light (by Inn1) You're toxic strange car ownership? Please share information, videos, images of Automobiles Board under email: The relevant content will be published. Thank you!

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