Most People From Hy Thai Make The Most Haunted Female Supply

From Hy Thai Hau is considered a powerful essence and has harsh regulations with women who make everyone trembling when you go to the crime, if not careful will lose your network (00/2 : 22 in the old south, the female supply in the supply from Hy have more hundreds of people divided into 3 groups: makeup, serving the hygiene, taking care of the pharmacy. Is a very good person and likes the scent . Women who need to worry about makeup not only need to sympathize many hairstyles but also to know how to create seasonal lipsticks, trendy. All raw materials have to undergo strict inventory, only a little error makes the essence of allergies, the fate of dozens of people do not escape the death sentence. The illustration

. Legend that anyone who saw the rustic side of the Thai will be immediately slashed. Since Hy Thai will not meet anyone if the face is not scored to carefully. In addition, with Tu Xa Hau, the hair is something that makes her proud, when it is beautiful for HY, if the Thai hair fails too many female supplies will be seriously tuful
But, the job is still Not struggling by serving the hygiene for the crown. In the meantime, the ancorry has not had a dedicated toilet paper so it still uses crude paper to clean. Luxury and expensive, hygienic paper of HY is made from premium transparent paper, surface is smooth and softer than common common paper. That is, is a toilet paper for hygiene Overexpensive time, even when it takes a whole day. The female supply is responsible for cutting the square of the paper, mediocre and then hydrated to spray evenly on the paper face for soft and then conducted. The heat when paper is also difficult to control. If it is too flat, the thong's use will be not convenient, if it is not afraid that the raw paper will make the remix uncomfortable. When I went to the toilet, the female supply in order to kneel beside, the mouth of water sprayed into the piece of paper was to ensure a soft piece of soft paper. However, perhaps, the horror is the drug Mother of King. From Hy Thai Have a teeth that are not white bright by Mrs
Mrs. Actually this job does not necessarily use a bare hand by heat from which toxic and hot and hot velvet spheres are not thrown on the ground Because it is a miserable sin. The female supply had to take his hand stamping the medicine, handed off the fire on the velvet globe. This is also the reason why many people who work in this position have many times have no burns, old wounds unealed It made it extremely painful again. Many women who follow the women in Ho Hy have a hand deformed scars because of drugs, but all that pain is tightly tightened in his heart because if he exposed to lose his head. Thuy An / Petrotimes

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