Mother And Daughter Stressed Because She Helped

I was known by the neighbors with the name 'Lady'. I'm not a yellow yellow branch, but because I look at the current life, they kept thinking I happier than the same age friends in the neighborhood. My family is quite basic so I guaranteed a stable life, No economic pressure. My mother retired, I was divorced and raised my children alone, so how much time she spent all for me. I said my house, I said: "You're happy!

. That's basically. But in the blanket to know how big is the lice. Chung Quy is still a "phase" mother and daughter
When my work entered the peak period, I immediately recruited a professional maid, this girl used to work very well in other families. Just thought this solution to solve every problem: I am peace of mind to work because the Ben has a person who looks, as well as not asking her grandmother anything related to me. But from that day, My family starts "floating". Did my mother pulled me in one place, complaining: "My son, chasing this help right away for your mother. It doesn't know what children look, all structured for my mother crying. Not to mention it Furniture of my house ". However, how many percentages are true, I know I'm sure my house is not foolish. Ben is a good kid, if there is no events too formidable, it never cries, not to mention sleeping very well. In fact, every help likes to look like a child like my house, their jobs, so it's better. If I don't use the furniture in my house, I went to the neighbor to use it
.. because I don't want my mother-suicide when I think I don't believe her, so I still have to say a clever: "Mother is assured, let me prompt Talking her "later, assisting me to pull me in a place, crying, crying:" Miss, every day she also followed her most dynamic, I did what she had grumbled, even scolding Yes, she said, "You can't do it anywhere." Sometimes I don't help you ... " With a gentle person and "saves words". Unknown how to handle this incident, I comforted my help: "Don't worry, keep in helping you, the old lady, so it's a bit difficult to hear this ear." My father came back, heard me reported the incident, rolling out to laugh: "I forgot the moms I used to do in the investigation industry? It's easy to watch her home." "Dad thinking is too simple, while the day I have to have a trial of conflicts between my mother and assisting your father, I can't find any solution to help you. It can't be recurable, I can't recur Don't want to lose the recruitment of other maids, "I say that but I still laugh:" Not that level, I don't stress. " Neighbors stopped, announced: "I don't know what's wrong with, I have to help my house cries just running out of the house, while bringing a luggage anymore". As for my mother, my mother was carrying Ben, the attitude of avocado province: "He doesn't help anything, so she chases it. I took another one. I just looked at today. Adjacent to the maid, where are the fortune-telling people who have just worried that they are sponding, flattering "the owner" this fruit?

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