Mother Elected Excited Thanks To Nutrition Software From The Ministry Of Health

Pressure, stress during pregnancy and raising children is common in many sisters. In addition to economic worries, women with pregnancy, childbirth and child support are also faced with nutrition, balanced diet. Excess or malnutrition also affects the mother's health, the growth of the fetus and the comprehensive development of the child later.0: 00/2: 46 South in recent years, the Government of Vietnam has set Out of top priority is to improve maternal and child nutrition. Therefore, from 12/2020, the National Institute of Nutrition - Ministry of Health has combined with Maternal Health Department - Children and Ajinomoto Vietnam Company officially deploying software "Building a balanced balance menu For pregnant women, nursing mothers and children from 7 months to 60 months old "nationwide

. Software and other nutritional and health care content are currently available at the website:
vn.With this software, pregnant mothers, nursing and caregivers Small under 5 years old will no longer have to worry about scientific and reasonable nutrition for mom and baby. Software has a friendly interface and easy-to-use tools. Software can be easily used By mobile device, with a rich menu bank to over 1,300 dishes and in the future will expand up to more than 2,500 dishes. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers can choose the designed dishes that are suitable for personal dining needs or build their own menu by changing flexible components to match Spending and preferences. All software menus are researched and developed according to a post process, starting from studying habits of culinary routines, determining nutritional standards, nutritional data of real Popular products, development of menus, nutrition calculations, to the processing and experimental guidelines for menu and finishing. Also, the software also provides advice and information about nutrition and publicity Smart tools to monitor the health status of the mother and the child's development, along with information about culinary culture and food science in the form of articles, videos. Share In terms of software use in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Phan Thi Hai is one of 7,300 mothers and small child caregivers registered to use software and spread N Ghow benefits from the software brought. Applying under the menu proposed by the software in the first 3 months of pregnancy, Ms
Phan Thi Hai - Hanoi shared: "The menu is both delicious, easy to apply but inexpensive. Thanks to the menu I avoid pregnancy and peace of mind to increase the stable, healthy weight in both pregnancy. "The software provides more than 1,300 dishes for the mother elected by each stage of pregnancy. Currently, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company is currently Continue to work closely with the Maternal Health Department - Children and National Nutrition Institute - Ministry of Health deployed software to national provinces throughout the form of online training. With features and public Useful tools, the software will be an effective solution in ensuring scientific and reasonable nutrition for pregnant mothers, lactating and children under 5 years old, thereby contributing to improving the stature for the seamless generation hybrid Vietnam.Pv

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