Mother-in-law For Money To Buy A House Is Less Than 200 Million, Thanks To The Sneaky Talk In The Corner I Know Terrifying Conspiracy

Hearing the lattice came from my mother-in-law, I choked: 'My husband's husband, his son, his son is naturally!'. The youngest daughter, I am a new strawberry for 3 years. My husband missed her "eating rice before", initially the 2-sided family protested vehemently but the husband stood out to protect me, most decided to marry me as a wife so I finally had to dinner. After marriage, I told my husband separately, but my brother and my husband and I didn't have a child, I did my stomach, so I heard the words of the commune to stay until I was more sturdy. I'm also quite fake, belonging to the goods Language in the city, economic husband's house is also not medium form, so both 2 do not have to think much about money

. I go to work as hanging, shopping pepper doesn't need to be counted, hugging your belly waiting until the day of birth. The whole husband's house is good, the sister-in-law is very loving me and invited to play, the husband or her husband or bringing food to me to be impregnated, so my friends are jealous of me. In the 8th month, I discussed with her husband to buy a private house, just go to see and deposit some apartments about 2 billion VND
Husing her husband agreed, we started to listen to the apartment projects because I like to stay at home on top. It took more than 2 weeks to see, I finished 1 apartment for 2 billion and a half, with 3 bedrooms and spacious balconies that view the 22th floor super beautiful. My husband in the morning of his wife, informed his 2-party parents about planting to buy a house. (Artwork) kept worried that the grandparents would oppose, but did not expect his grandparents to respond and remain in each other to contribute each The party is less considered as the gifts of my children are about to be born. My mother was generous for 600 million, her mother-in-law was confused for a long time to gently told another 400 million, rounded 1 billion in advance. The day received the house, I broke the house, the whole family frantically put into the hospital. The overcoming flight was going smoothly, my son had just been praised like her father. The grandparents are very excited, claiming to give me 20 million for a hard work. The grandparents are equally less, brought from the couple walking house, a silver with me, and a diamond attached to me. My mother-in-law rushed to see how much it was, listening to my mother to be modest to say "5 times the five times of 20 million" was silent
The first time was in the past, the 2 sides of the house were filled with the month of the month. my son. The sister-in-law turned on the backwards to tell me not to do anything, just pick up me and she prepared enough for it. Making dinner, I was tired, I was tired, so I was tired of hugging and sleeping, and the whole family still gathered to eat and drinking spiritually. It was sad to go to the toilet, I am going to go out, I suddenly heard a whisper. As a mother-in-law who is talking to someone, the voice seems like a cousin. - Uncle Ho's transferred, I finished doing the procedure of the house as the house is Mr. Duong Son's son, don't let his wife know, also do not Telling Ai.- Doing so I am not happy, I'm afraid to me very much. - It's okay, you are responsible. He also gave them the money to buy a house, but his husband's husband and wife, the house of Mr. Duong was natural, he had to do anything, only to eat with lay at home. - yes so Going to the office asking for the procedure to name the pink book, then I told me. What am I hearing this? My couple spent 1 billion and a half, my mother gave me 600 million, and my mother sorry for every 400, but now she pleaded back to sneaky to take that house when I hadn't healed?! ? But far away, she plays well, in front of a good idea with my daughter-in-law, who doubts behind me to despise me like a layer! The anger rushes to the top of the head, I'm going to rush 3 sides with her But try to refrain again to avoid loudly. I have to call to tell your parents right away to prevent this unreasonable plot. My husband knew what she was doing behind her mother, didn't you, the day before I asked for anyone to stand the house, the couple still didn't decide. You dare to listen to my mother's mind, I will divorce immediately not to say much! According to Aries / Fatherland newspapers

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