Mother-in-law Wants Children To Contribute Money To Repair Houses, Sister-in-laws Say A Sentence Made Her Faint, Both Wobbling

The work of the sister-in-law has pushed the conflict in this house to become very fierce.0 of the year: 00/3: 41 years old, my mother still taught the daughter that, later went to married, if I made my china Really exemplary for you to follow. If you don't make strawberries, I have to consider how the strawberry sister is a person with a person. Because of a line of them, can meet countless troubles, conflicts if the strawberry does not fulfill the duty, responsibility. Where is the great impact on a family? And then when herself experienced this marriage, I realized my mother said too right

. My housekeeper my house was really bad, living in a selfishness and also wild. He himself pushed the whole house into a cloggy bag, arguing harshly. My husband had a 4 siblings, including 2 big sons and two youngest daughters
My mother-in-law loses a long time, her father-in-law should go. So on behalf, the woman comes after just a stepmother. But my wife and I called her mother, considered her mother. Only every sister-in-law never known as Mother, she just called "aunt", or "Mrs." sounded quite far away. The illustration. Because he had a stable business. Decide not to go to the city anymore. There are 3 children who have finished college to stay here for marriage and continue their work. Currently, all four siblings have married, married and gave birth to their stabilization
The family is quite peaceful, smooth until his father-in-law has suddenly died for health reasons. He turned away that her mother-in-law was extremely sad. When he takes him, his mother-in-law has passed its age, so it is difficult to get pregnant, between the two of them, there are no links. But because of the religion, we still consider her as a mother-in-law. What to say, my mother-in-law helped her father-in-law no longer lonely alone, especially she also cared for her dedicated father. 4 years from the day she died. The house in the countryside also degraded much. Several times go home overnight but my husband and children feel a bit comfortable. If conditions are conditions, repair is one thing to do. Later the players are still carefree to stay overnight, the family also adds a warm dress, more attached. Mother husband is afraid because now she feels like eating the children. Besides, she is no longer working, the economy doesn't have any money to build. I sat talking to her that the economy didn't need to worry. 4 children can certainly contribute money together to build a house. Also this house will be the place of worshiping the parents of her husband, why do you get slapped. It is important that now the mother-in-law needs to stand up calling, speaking his aspirations. The illustration. I noticed that the attitude of 2 husbands was also very satisfied. 2 She has just taken rich husband and has a career, it certainly is not a shortage. My husband also agreed. However, the attitude of the sister-in-law is different. She showed the attitude right on the face and sounded: "Anyway, it is a person who lives, what to do, what to do, what to do, indeed, the whole family is round to look at the sister. And yet, she also instructed the qualities like what she lost her father to leave many properties. Earlier, the children in the house also did not touch those assets. But telling the truth, the sister's sister said that the sentence proved to think about it. The father-in-law also retired for a long time, he relyed on a few subsidies and the samples, so where did the surplus of the sister finished speaking, I saw her mother stood up, and then Located chamber. Perhaps she was shocked to the extent. Outside, my husband also spoke again for several questions, but she turned out. He was also afraid to replace his wife. What to do so this sister has no malice look with her mother-in-law. Not even though you later put money again, she would make it difficult to make it easier. What a big strawberry! According to M.B (Vietnamese life rhythm)

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