Mother-in-old Mother Visited Carrying The Apple Bag, She Grabbed Right Into The Trash, Until She Went To The New Bridal Trash When She Saw What Fell Out

It seems to have no wire anything with each other, unexpectedly the old mother-in-old mother went to her house.0: 00/5: 14 nuns of this story to be shared by a netizen to the Chinese social network, causing many Readers feel unbelievable. Interesting the following: "If the end of me and Liu Cuong is divorce, I will definitely not be with you, but this is just if, I'm me He was also divorced. I met Luu Cuong when she was in college, he was the class leader and an excellent student in school. Later when we were together, he treated me very well

. The third year of the university, he took me to the house to debut his parents, who made me the most impressed when he was his mother. The family lived in town, he told me that parents in rural, father He made more outside earned an amount of money, so he bought a house in the town. He was a casual rural woman, very interested in everyone, in love with anything, I like to eat anything Just through a meal is that she can guess
The second time P face you all cooked things I like, I'm really touched by this interesting action. On my 25th birthday, Luu Cuong was proposes and I don't hesitate to agree. After getting married, we lived with his parents, actually sometimes I had a feeling that her parents also treated my daughter-in-law better with her son, especially mother-in-law always took me like a girl . Illustration. Each time calling for her mother, I all told her about how my mother-in-law treated me well, but she said my mother-in-law was just like that. But a two-day time can be pretended, so long, then it is certain that I can't have that, I feel funny at my mother's words. Incredition in marriage of my couple's marriage life Actually pretty nice, but two years later, I still can't have a child, this makes our relationship fade. Neither husband are no longer happy with me, only the only comforting is mother Husband is still good to me. Before the three years, Liu Cuong gave me to check the reproductive health, the problem was because of me, what I didn't expect my couple continuously to war Cold paintings. I have repeatedly thought of divorce, but I didn't expect when I was about to speak up, my husband's family had a big story
My mother-in-law was on a car accident to enter the hospital, though not too serious but hospitalized half a month. I would like to take care of my mother-in-law, she was very grateful to me, the attitude of Luu Cuong suddenly changed a lot . But I know my husband just because of faithful, after her mother-in-law is healthy, the relationship between us is not bad, but it's not good. Once when we dinner, I picked up the husband's food but he Do not eat but reset to the disk. At that moment my eyes were red, my mother-in-law patted my hand and said: "You still have a young, will definitely have a way, if you really can't get a child to adopt a child." Luu Cuong didn't say anything , My father said: "Why you have to adopt, this is not the problem of losing our house." My mother-in-law didn't know what to say, I looked forward and choked to tell us to divorce. Quickly finished, I returned to my mother's house to live. The day I left my mother-in-law and pulled my hand, saying their family suggested with me. I cried and said this was my fault. The reisses of the old husband after going home, sometimes I call to ask my mother-in-law, later very little contact. Unexpectedly after divorce for 3 years, his mother's mother said he would come to see me. I went to the bus station, then she always asked my mouth to ask my situation, and I asked if I remarried yet. "Previously I knew I was a good girl, I didn't expect I still not remarried . " At that time I didn't know what to say. It was actually I knew that I was remarried, I didn't know what I did. She had to sit for a car for a long time to come to my house, saying that giving me a specialty, I looked at the red apple bag, the countryside cucted a lot of this. Mother also said much to me, actually Nothing important, At that moment my mother was outside. After greeting, she went to the cooking kitchen, my mother did not intend to invite her former husband to stay in rice. I was a little hesitant, intending to bring my mother's mother outside to eat, but she wanted to go back. Before I walked, she always said I remembered to remove the apple out to be careful. I wished to see my old mother's mother and I saw my mother to throw the apple bag into the trash. I am very angry that she doesn't do it, she is too angry with me: "What does she come here to do, not her son remarried?" Illustration. I don't care about the Word I said to go to the trash to pick up the apple bag. She immediately stopped me because the trash was very dirty, I looked like that and didn't pick it up to that day, bringing garbage, I was startled when I saw a red book. I immediately picked up it was a real estate certificate, looking forward to seeing the owner name as my ex-husband parent name, while there was a letter. Open it to see the Mother's message : "The jig

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