Mother Of Trinh Kim Chi Is Died After Time Against Disease

Mother of Trinh Kim Chi has just passed away after more than 4 years of kidneys. Going to this, Artist Trinh Kim Chi received sad news when she was born after her death against disease resistance. On his personal page, the female artist has updated the sad news.Theo's sharing of Trinh Kim Chi, her mother has poured the last breath at 10:30 am today 7/10, at home after the time Long time with illness. Before the loss was too large, female artists cried chanted to know how many diseases before leaving: "The mother of spent losing because of the elderly

. Mother to run the kidneys for 4 years, again, again" .ngay After posting, eastern friends and colleagues, fans sent to Trinh Kim Chi and family condolences, encouraging her family soon to overcome this event. It was sadly not long ago, in May last, the female husband's father was also caught, enjoying 85 years old
It is known that the young and mother of Trinh Kim Chi is also active in the field. art. She is a talented page artist, which is one of the first to be sent to school in foreign countries. Not only that, the female mother artist is also the one who opened the first chosen class in Ho Chi Minh City in the 1980s. The intestine of Trinh Kim Chi NSs is a talented person, very lively, happy live, harmony Dong with the people around. I went to my mother, Trinh Kim Chi once said she inherited artistic gifted, passionate about her mother: "I inherited my mother's talent. I also love Beauty for others like the mother and it is important that Mother is always serious and passionate about her career, now I'm so ".taev (Photo: FBNV)

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