Mother Watching The Phone Throwing The Baby Underground, The Picture Causes The Mother Crisis Because He Was Criticized Badly, The Truth Behind The More Embarrassing

Many years passed, the photo incident still makes the mother 3 children live in Illinois (United States) obsessed with 0:00 / 4: 02 South of the South here for a few years, a photo of Molly named Molly Lensing is spread dizzily on social networks. The photo recorded the scene she sat in the row of waiting chairs at the airport, trying to press the phone while giving up the newborn daughter lying on the ground floor. Molly himself didn't know he had been shot by someone and did not expect himself to fall into the center of netizens' criticism. Living in Illinois (United States) haunted. What happened? The photo was taken at Colorado airport in 2016

. At that time she and the youngest daughter, Anastasia, 2 months old, was preparing to go home back home after visiting the family. In the image recorded, Molly stared at the mobile phone screen, her daughter was lying on a blanket on the floor. The woman beside him with uninhabited eyes and full of disgusting is looking Into the Anastasia girl was enough to say: Acting abandoning on Molly's floor is irresponsible, hard to accept! Within a short time, Molly's photo is moved by many people
They judge Molly's motherhood. Many people believe that this mother worsens the phone more than looks and doesn't mind your child's safety. The photo shared with a series of harsh, evil words.Molly did not know the existence of the photo as well as the fact that she was "tried" by netizens as a pattern of a bad mother best of the world. Until Molly realized the incident, everything was almost out of control. The real behind this photo was not the same as everyone's judgment, the more far away from what was happening in the photo .Molly said the flight that day was postponed by the airport's computer system. The mother is alone, bringing a child only 2 months old has been stuck at the airport for 20 hours. All those who have made parents understand, the care of newborns requires A lot of patience and attachments are not less tired, stressful. Plane with a newborn baby is a challenging task that causes many parents to headaches
Today when Molly's flight is delayed, her mother and children are dislocated and in the airport Nearly a long day. It was definitely the worst situation that a newly born mother was forced to go through. "I was tired for many hours. Two arms were tired. And she also needs to stretch For comfort, Molly said. "At that time I also needed to use the phone to inform the family about the status of the two mother". After a lottery, Molly received a lot of criticism messages on Facebook. This makes her fall into a mood of crisis and is extremely angry. "I felt my privacy was seriously violated. I'm scared when thinking about my colleagues or bosses can see the photo and Assessing my capacity and qualities is not suitable, "Molly said. "Fortunately, it didn't happen." Really behind the story of "catching the right moment" of the newborn mother made many people feel embarrassed when it was too hasty to judge. Besides, many ideas that we should all have a more intuitive and sympathetic view of the hard workers of mothers, of new women who have given birth to the same, will not Who knows how people are experiencing fatigue, exhaustion and depression. Just a hurry look at a moment and evaluates how they are mother or parenting of others as short-sighted and unfair actions. "Don't take pictures of exhausted mothers at the airport and do badly. It is a bad job that needs to be stopped immediately. I wish that people could understand the mothers who were sometimes exhausted and they were not perfect. So don't just regulate them in the circumstances they feel weak Most ", a mother named Mary Katherine Backstrom said. For Molly, she said she had to try his concentration to worthwhile, more respectable in life rather than the other picture . "Loved ones with me will understand how my real person. I was helpless with the internet and I knew that only I was the best mother for the children, raising them so the new one The most important and other things are not worth bothering, "Molly said. (Source: Today)

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