Mr. Biden Had Finished, Afghanistan Lost Half Of The Territory

The United States did not withdraw all the troops from Afghanistan, half of the territory had fallen into Taliban.0: 00/2: 45 Southwives through US President Joe Biden excluded the government in Afghanistan collapsed. According to the White House boss, he did not consider the collapse of the government in Kabul was inevitable, because the government had up to 300 thousand troops against 75,000 warriors of extreme Taliban movement. Before that, the President Biden announced the end of the US military military campaign in Afghanistan on April 14 and the Pentagon will complete withdrawal from Afghanistan on August 31, ending the 20-year military presence in this country (The United States began to fight there in October 2001). According to Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov, said that US President Joe Biden said the consequences of the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan are major lies Myself

. "Mr. Biden was wrong about Afghanistan. Like George W
Bush and Barack Obama, who have conducted the hopeless war there, was wrong," said Pushkov on his Telegram channel. He, deciding to withdrawal of former President Donald Trump is right, because he is aware that "must leave, even run away, quickly Quick and radical, away from the beach does not escape ".20 years presence in Afghanistan, the US also does not sweep the Taliban (Artwork)" Mr. Trump's plan is currently made by Mr. Biden, Mr. Trying to make it exaggeration has not been lost to Afghanistan, but actually lost, "Russian Senator concluded. Currently, ongoing the confrontation between the Afghan government forces and the Taliban armed movement, forces Has occupied important territories in rural areas, the peripheral districts of the provinces and launched an attack aimed at major cities. A local source said that the Taliban warriors entered into the city Kandahar Street and are fighting with government forces, causing many casualties to the sides. And Governor Kandahar said that the situation in the city was controlled, the warriors were withdrawing 07/7, the Taliban's political wing also announced that this movement controlled nearly half of the territory Afghanistan. Accordingly, this extreme movement currently has controls 162 of Afghan areas
"A total of 162 areas were under control of the" Muslim Emirate "in recent weeks" - The official representative of "Taliban" in Qatar is Suhail Shaheen told reporters. Taliban, most areas (23) are in Badakhshan province, including the Wakhan region with a common border with Tajikistan with a length of 910 km. Also, Mr. Abdullahib Mansour - Representative of the Political Office Taliban Doha - Qatar said in the Russian visit, most of the Afghan territory, except Kabul and part of the surrounding districts, were controlled by the Taliban. "The situation in fact shows that the Kabul government only controls The administrative center area of the provinces, all suburbs and other districts in the provinces is under our control, "Mansour said at the press conference in Moscow-Russian capital.

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