Mr. Biden Has Just Added Another International Defeat, And It Threatens All Americans

Americans will face difficulties when paying higher gas prices in the near future, because of President Joe Biden's energy policies and OPEC rejects his request to increase global oil production to fight Prices rise in the United States. American President Joe Biden issued executive orders to reverse oil policies given by former Donald Trump President. Jim Lo Scalzo, Pool / AFP via Getty Images Source news told Reuters on Monday 17/8 that OPEC did not increase oil production in the next few months because American consumers are being hurt. The mine consists of 15 member states, including two hostile countries with the United States Iran and Venezuela. Therefore, it is not surprising that the enemy of the United States does not want to meet the requirements from the US President

. OPEC's Thailand occurs immediately after Taliban territory occupies most of Afghan territory in the army The United States withdraws the chaotic, humiliating troops under Biden's time, the Biden government has asked OPEC to increase the output. Jake Sullivan National Security Advisor declares that "higher gasoline costs, if not controlled, there is a risk of harmful to global recovery." In July, OPEC Plus Group - Bao Including members and non-members like Russia - agreed to increase oil production to 400,000 barrels / day, starting in August, until the current level of oil production reduction is 5
8 million barrels / day . However, the White House said these adjustments are not enough to balance the rising gasoline prices in the US. "Although OPEC recently agreed to increase the output, but this increase will not fully compensate for the cutting The previous output reduction that OPEC was imposed in the pandemic until 2022, "Sullivan said. "At an important moment in global recovery, this is simply not enough." He said the White House gave a prayer with OPEC because Biden "want Americans to access the energy worth Trust and affordable prices, even at the pump station ".Sullivan objected to OPEC, saying that they were not enough. He said: "Competitive energy markets will ensure stable and reliable power supply, and OPEC must do more to support the recovery" .Hoa Ky is not a member of OPEC Or OPEC Plus, so it is not surprising that Biden's prayers have been ignored. According to the US Automobile Association, the average gas price in the US is USD 3,185 / gallon. 1 dollar higher than the average price of $ 2,183 compared to last year, when Donald Trump was president
khi Trump was in the White House, he set an independent issue of the US energy became a priority head. That's because US dependence on foreign rivals to provide oil is a direct threat to the country's national economy and security. However, Biden is clearly destroyed toxic Preparing to US oil. One of the first things he did when took office is to stop building a Keystone XL pipeline, designed to increase the flow of oil from Canada to the United States. They also paused new oil and gas lease contracts on land areas labour. This is part of the extensive initiative to turn climate change into the focus of foreign policy and national governmental security programs. Financial experts said that all of this do Harming the economy, destroying jobs and creating a premise for increased energy costs for all Americans, including heavenly gas prices. And this is exactly what we are happening. Biden mistakenly thinks that the prevention of oil drilling activities in the United States will limit oil and gas production worldwide. But that's not true, as we are witnessing now, when the United States must ask other countries to increase oil production. "Production of oil and gas will not end", Clay Higgins Clay Higgins In Louisiana told Klfy-TV in February. "It will only move abroad, where it is less administered." Ironically, Biden's mistake approach can only exacerbate the climate problems it aims. Energy research, under Trump, the United States is independent of the energy for the first time since 1957. Under the time of Biden, the country is lagging - does not promote the causes of the environment that he claims to be champion . "When you depend on these other countries, you will lose your job, you lose your economic activity and lead to a larger global emission," Garret Republican Senator Graves in Louisiana told KLFY .Graves said the catastrophic policies of Biden crushed the US economy once a hot period and forced consumers to pay higher prices for everything, including gas. He said: "Main Biden rights have wasted time to release a comprehensive attack on petroleum will make production abroad and harm more damage to the economy ".graves lament breathing:" It will die by a thousand cut.

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