Mr. Biden: The Evacuation Campaign From Afghanistan Is The Biggest History

During the telephone with the King Qatar Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, US President Joe Biden described the campaign to evacuate people from Afghanistan after Kabul lost the biggest "the biggest human union in history'.Qatar As a water transit thousands of American citizens, Afghan citizens and other countries evacuated on American transport aircraft. People evacuated from Afghanistan sitting tightly inside the US military aircraft on August 19 / 2021. Photo: ReUTERRS "President Biden stressed that, this is the biggest non-human experience in history and it may not be feasible without early support from Qatar in facilitating thousands of transport People every day, "the White House said in a statement of 20 / 8.Taliban took over the capital of Kabul on August 15, ending the campaign to last for weeks and lead to the collapse of the President Government Ashraf Ghani

. President Ashraf Ghani left the country to reach the United Arabs. The Taliban returned to control the power caused thousands of Afghan people to find a way to leave the country. From August 14, about 13,000 people were evacuated from Afghanistan on American military aircraft
/. Hoang Pham / VOV .Vn (translation) by Sputnik

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