Mr. Biden Will Talk To The Macron Countermaid To Resolve The Submarine

US President Joe Biden suggested telephone with Disjacian EMMANUEL MACRON after stress related to Ba My - Australian - UK - United States - United States (Aukus). Biden President and President Macron at the G7 conference He on June 13. Source: REUTERAFP on September 20, said, US President Biden proposed to early dialogue with the French co-member Emmanuel Macron after bilateral stress due to the United States, he established a security alliance and provided submarines for Australia causing France to lose the contract. The French Gabriel Attal government confirmed that the President Macron will talk with Mr. Biden in the next few days at the proposal of the US

. That, Mr. Macron will recommend the Presidential Government Biden clarified the problem. In the meantime, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison dismissed the accusation of the French to Canberra deceiving the plan to cancel the French submarine contract
At the same time, he expressed concerns about the contract several months ago. It is known that Australia has just canceled the $ 65.5 billion contract to buy the 12-submaric submarine to buy this country signed with the public Naval Group of France in 2016. Instead, Canberra will buy nuclear energy submarines by the United States and England. This move caused France to summon Ambassadors in the United States and Australia - one thing never had a precedent. Linh (TH)

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